It’s about that time of the year where plenty are gearing up for literary abandon during the month of November. I’m one of those who are getting ready for the yearly challenge in order to stretch my imagination and suck hard at my thumb to write 50k words. Yes! 50 000 WORDS in 30 days.

I’ve created a new NaNoWrimo account and deactivated the old one because I am through being anonymous. Incognito is so 2000-and-late. My mind is made. If I’m gonna be doing anything from this point on, my name will have to appear on it. No negotiation. (*pointing finger at my face* Yes self! You’d better take note!)

My list goes a little something like this:

1. Ensure that account is properly set up. CHECK!

2. Make sure that the hubster knows his responsibilities for those 30 days. CHECK!

3. Buy enough coffee to see me through the nights. HALF CHECK (On my way to the store right now)

4. Have an idea of a possible story. UNCHECK! (Anyone know where I can buy creative juices in bulk?)

5. Realise that I love making lists a bit too much. NOT APPLICABLE (but hey I said it anyway.) CHECK!

6. Make sure that I have all the tools available to back up, back up and back up my work some more. CHECK! (I’d hate to lose some brilliant writing.)

7. Zone into my Power of Positive Thinking. CHECK! (See my presumptuous comment on brilliant writing above. I’d say I’m getting the positivity thing right 🙂

8. Snacks!!! How could I forget! (And there goes my carefully planned budget)

The days are numbered and I have been searching for writing prompts all over. I’ve had some imagination exercises for the past few days with Daily Post’s writing prompts but a great prompt does not a novella make.

Time put on my thinking cap or hopefully I’ll dream up my book like Stephenie Meyer did with Twilight. Wouldn’t that be great?


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