Who’s your Maid?

I’ve suffered from Cinderella syndrome for a while and felt pretty sorry for myself. Lots of people, including my husband and kids, have this notion that a stay at home mom has to pick up after everyone and be on call 24/7. Not entirely sure where they come on this but I’m pretty sure it has something to do with the shows they watch on tv. Gone are the days when everyone pitched in to do their bit to ensure that we all live together in harmony.

Now I’m sure there are plenty debates on what a housewife’s duties are and as much as I hate to add any fuel to those arguments but some things cannot go unsaid.

While I love my family to death and enjoy mothering them, I feel that my kids need to learn certain responsibilities. Not because they are my kids but because they will be adults in the near future. I’d like to think that I’m raising my kids to be independent individuals. My daughters will have to run households themselves one day and my son should be of some use to his wife and kids too. Even if they choose different life paths than the ones I envision for them, I at least want to have the peace of mind of knowing they’ll be able to fend for themselves.

Then there is my husband… My rock. My prince charming. My (now) eldest child not born of this body. I have to constantly remind him that his mother doesn’t live here. I’m gonna have to retrain his brain.

As short lived as they were, gone are the days when they’ve mistaken me with the maid we don’t have. Mommy-rella has officially morphed to Mommy-zilla and for the sake of my sanity there will be a new set of rules and chore lists in Jonkersville. Harmony needs to reign in this household once more.


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