About Me


This is Me

I’m a Stay-At-Home-Mom turned Work-At-Home-Mom of 3, Wife of 1, Virtual Assistant, Lover of life, Writer, Blogger, Bookworm, Proudly Capetonian (minus the passion gap) and a self professed Coffee snob.

I blog for love and because I think experiences are meant to be shared. Especially the scary mommy stuff or like I choose to call it Mommy-stones.

Just when I think I’ve got this whole ‘good wife/mom’ thing going, the background music starts playing (Mostly it’s the Jaws soundtrack) and I find myself utterly confused and totally lost.

I’m an opinionista and will often share my views, always bearing in mind that there is a fine line between being straight forward and just plain rude.

This is my journey and way of keeping my sanity in tact. One rude awakening after the other while finding the me I’m meant to be.

Welcome to my world 🙂


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