Tandem Post: Pick Me, Pick, Me!

Your caress makes me gasp,
Leaving me breathless.
My body shivers and my toes curl.

You know what gives me pleasure and what causes me pain.
A more intuitive lover I’ve never had.

Your love… Can I call it that?
Your love makes me want to be a better me.
To be the person I’m meant to be.

Your embrace leaves me longing…
Longing for the life I had and the life I planned
A hope for the future.
Did you mean what you said when you promised forever?

You’re devotion to me is unbelievable.
Never do you leave my side no matter how many times I send you packing.

They say love is blind and I’d have to agree.
You’ve made me believe.
You don’t care about age, race, financial situations, hair colour, height, weight and you’re not prejudiced.
Free love for all, especially me.

“Pick me, pick me!” You said.
No need for whispering sweet nothings.
I guess I had you at “Hello”.

How do I love thee, let me count the ways…

Actually, I’m not that into you. At. All.
Did you ever consider that I wasn’t playing hard to get?
You’re the jealous lover my mom warned me about.

If you can’t have me then no one can? Huh! We’ll see about that.

You selfish bastard, Cancer. You!


PS: This post was not written from personal experience at the hand of cancer. It is my observations of the illness and the effects it has on sufferers. This includes loved ones whom I’ve lost, friends and strangers in their fight against the all consuming illness.

This was part of a tandem series where 3 bloggers and 1 title collide. For Chevonne’s story click here and Shelley’s story click here


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