Karma and Boomerangs


It’s no secret, I LOVE Spongebob Squarepants and watch it daily. I’m not much of a tv fan but since K3 are always watching cartoons and Spongebob is ALWAYS on when I happen to be about, I sit and watch it with them.

An episode yesterday, Spongebob tried returning another characters boomerang and it kept coming back to him. He was obviously amused by this, but then again everything amuses old Squarepants (and me, did I ever tell you that?). The other character was annoyed and told Spongebob to just hand him the boomerang while Spongebob continued tossing it. This got me thinking so much that I stopped watching the epi. There are so many reruns so I’m sure I’ll get to see it in the next few days.

It got me thinking about life and ‘Cause and Effect’ or most commonly known as Karma. What goes around comes around right? When you toss a boomerang it comes back. I don’t have any boomerang experience myself, mainly because I’m afraid it will comeback and hit me right on my head and I’ll pass out. Or I’ll have a laughing fit first and then pass out. Paranoid much? I have seen people toss it and catch it again with such flair that to me it looks like it requires skills I do not possess.

Surely this post can’t be about my lack of boomerang skills or silly paranoia? Nope it’s not. Although boomerang tossing is on my bucket list. Like somewhere right at the end or last *just added it now* because seriously a bucket list should contain some truly worthy things to do or achieve before I die. Seeing if it hits my head at least once in my life seems worth it. Anyhoo…

Paying it forward is part of my lifestyle and it comes naturally. Sometimes however, I do think of the good I do and my giving nature (nope I’m not discussing this here nor do I ever discuss it with anyone because you should give without expecting and not brag about it. PERIOD) and I wonder when someone will pay something forward in my direction. When will someone randomly fill my cupboards with groceries or give my kids a bag of clothing or just anything that will take my breath away and make me weep and probably make me want to kiss their feet. Ok feet kissing is a bad example because I’d NEVER EVER! But you know what I mean right? Sometimes we just wish for some things to come our way in return for a change. Did I mention I’m human and also a woman? We sometimes think too much. Lie. We always overthink. Everything. Thankfully those pity parties never last very long because I live a very blessed life and count those blessings daily. In fact if I consider I always have food to eat, a roof over my head, clothes to wear and look at all the opportunities my kids are afforded, I realise how truly happy, blessed and loved we are. Our blessings are often not in the material kind (although my kids have 2 awesome aunts who spoils them rotten and caters to their whims, not to mention doting grandparents too) but a divine order.

Then I thought a bit more… See me overthinking here and all because of Spongebob? What we put out there in the world is what we ultimately get back. There is a saying, and don’t quote me on this one it, but it’s one used in the Cape Flats quite often, “You live by the gun/knife and you die by the gun/knife”. People this has been proven over and over. Life is short and you may live by the gun but die when hit by a bus too. Anything can happen at any given time but in most cases “What goes around, comes around”.

I could give many examples but then this would end up in a badly written book filled with Spongebob anecdotes and I may just throw in some other cartoon characters you may never have heard of and you’ll be lost. We don’t want that now do we? But wait I’m not done yet.

Friends when someone treats you in a certain way you’re likely to respond the exact same way. Like when someone is abrupt with me I respond in an abrupt manner. I try not to, but sometimes it just happens automatically. What always gets me is when I’m highly upset about something someone’ done or said and instead of reciprocating they offer me kindness, understanding and a smile. I’m usually caught off guard and immediately my attitude changes for the better. I always say that my reaction to you is a mirror reflection of how you treat me. People who works in call centres are familiar with the term mirror intensity. It’s your own reaction to someone’s action. Cause and Effect or Karma does not require big actions or circumstances. It can be a mere look, word or action that can determine what may or will happen next or in future. What you put out there, good or bad, will come back to you.

Most often this cycle is a vicious one and can have so many bad outcomes. Well that’s if you put some bad vibes or acts out there. I’m sure many has noticed that no matter how loud you shout at (reprimand) a puppy, it always comes back to you. But puppies and animals do not talk back and they’re not the ones who builds our nation. How about putting good out there and having good come back your way? People won’t coming running back to you if you’re being nasty. Say good words, think good thoughts, be kind and do good deeds.. Be kind to puppies because they’re just adorable. Yes, yes, yes, I hear you loud and clear because my mind is also saying it as I’m typing “Celeste are you for real? Have you seen the state of our nation and what about Xenophobia? and, and, and…” *chiding self “you’re supposed to be on MY side here!”*

I here you and the voice in my head loud and clear and I’d like to tell you I am for real. *shuts down voice in head* bad things are happening all the time. Point is we need to break this cycle. But how? Before you answer, or that voice in your head starts giving its opinion, I’d like you to remember that change starts from within. Take a look at the man/woman in the mirror. It all starts with you. One person cannot single handedly change the world but let your attitude and actions not be determined by someone else’s. Change all starts with you. Think about that Castle ad where the guy walks with his beer and then his chinas, and his chinas chinas, and chinas chinas chinas join in… Guys let’s now not become beer drinking enthusiasts but let’s think big and think hard about what it is you put out there in the world. Let the boomerang bring back goodness and positive vibes.

PS: I’m one of those unlucky people with a bird poop sign all over me because the birds in the air use me as their personal toilet, so believe me when I say that my paranoia about certain things is not all in my head. Most things that can go wrong usually does. Just wondering when some birds poop will actually bring me some luck in winning the Lotto.


4 thoughts on “Karma and Boomerangs

  1. I love spongebob. Haven’t had the chance to watch it in years though.

    I agree with you about Karma as well as sometimes wishing that some of what I give would also just finds its way back to me. Yes- us woman overthink everything.

    You are right- if we want to see change, we need to be the change.
    I hope that you have a great week.


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