A little over a year ago I rocked my two-piece bikini with a flat tummy and was a size 6-8. A size 6 on normal days and 8 on those days I wanted to look more mature and mommy-ish. Size does matter sometimes. I find this especially true when I want to be taken seriously and not look like a little airhead girl. Bless my families good genes but the youthful appearances can be a curse too. I’m not old enough to take “You look so young” as a compliment yet.

This time around I’m rocking fat thighs, not so flabby arms (but they’re bigger) and a pot belly depending on how much I consumed. It can be written down to family jewels or maybe the age old saying “a moment on the lips…”,but nope. My workouts has changed a lot since I had Carpal Tunnel Release June last year.

For weeks I wasn’t up to jumping around so that meant no exercising. Even after the wound healed, a whole 2 months later because of the wound getting infected, I found myself not being able apply pressure on my hand. Zumba has always been my favourite workout video but I found some of the moves had a bit of a negative impact on my hand. I couldn’t handle that much circulation and it throbbed too much. This meant I had to make some adjustments and say farewell to Gillian Michaels too for a while. Ok to be honest I wasn’t too keen to start up again because it was winter and once your routine is stuffed it’s pretty darn difficult to get working out again.

It was then when I started doing squats, bridges and every workout that didn’t involve too much hand movement. Besides I always wanted a bit more tush and it seemed fitting as last year big behinds were all the rage. I now do up to 200 squats without walking like a newborn calf like I used to at first. I’m toned and my calves are bigger too. What I didn’t think about at the time was that I’d have to say goodbye to my jeans indefinitely. Most of which were brand new. Amongst my collection is 2 pairs of G-Star Raw jeans. Forget about the price tag for a moment and let me tell you how perfectly they fit. It feels like a second skin and you don’t own a pair of jeans until you own a pair of those. Superb quality and craftmanship. *FYI G-Star is not paying me to say any of this but if they’d like to, then I’d like to own at least one pair again. It’s not too much to ask… Really. I prefer #skinny. Thank you in advance.*

My legs and thighs are much bulkier now and as much as I loathe the fact that I need to buy new pants, from slacks to jeans and tights, I simply love the strength in my legs. I’m also filling out my long boots quite well and can’t wait to wear them this winter. Oh wait, I have started wearing them already. Couldn’t wait any longer. My fat thighs ain’t fat at all, it’s mostly muscle and that accounts for the extra weight on the scale.

Point is, I hear so many women complaining about their weight and the types of diets they’re on. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for healthy eating habits and totally agree with everyone choosing that over a greasy burger and fries. What I don’t get is that even though they know that exercise plays an important role in weight loss they never seem to have time nor energy to do it. Ladies, working out is not about having a gym membership and buying fancy equipment (both of which I find to be a terrible waste of money). It’s about incorporating little moves and building up towards that 30-60min workout. It’s a lifestyle.

Having said all this I know that it’s difficult for some of us to shed unwanted kilo’s and just thinking about exercising makes you break out in sweat. Been there, done that. This body has been with child thrice and the last one had me battling my weight for almost 4 years after birth. So I get you when you’re not satisfied in your skin and struggling to shed those pounds. Kudos to those who are happy with their bodies no matter their size and good news for those who aren’t. It’s called cheating. You can dress to make yourself appear slimmer than you are and feel great. There are cheat sheets for everything these days.

I’m currently going through a DIY craze and after reading my post on Upcycling Old Jeans I’ve been asked by one of my FB friends what can be done with jeans that don’t fit or that you simply want to revamp. Well I’m not ready to part with any of my jeans just yet even though I know they’ll never go past my knees again *no more tears* so that is a project in the making. May take me a few weeks to makeover one pair but try I shall.

In the meantime ladies if you’re not happy with your bodies, eat healthy and work out. No one really wants to hear you complain about how fat you are especially when you don’t do anything about it. I must also mention I have this new love for duct tape and will not hesitate to use it when I hear you moan in real life.


11 thoughts on “Body-Wize

  1. i know what you mean with the looking young thing, sheesh people πŸ™‚ but you look amazing and I’m glad you are feeling better…. DIY FTW


    • Awww thanx Ella πŸ™‚ FYI that motorcycle pic was taken on a whim on a girls weekend away. I saw the guy park his bike and ran across the road because I just had to have a biker chic pic. I’m random like that. Lol


  2. Amen sister! Too many people are their own worst enemies by complaining about their weight and making excuses instead of DIY and actually doing something about it.PREACH. Great postπŸ‘


  3. Incredible how an operation can just throw your whole body out – and not just in terms of exercise. A year ago I had a big rotator cuff repair operation and boy, did it hit me. And not jus tweight etc – took me months to get rid of the tiredness that follows anaesthetic


    • OUCH!!! I hope you’re all recovered now Cat. I enjoyed the after effects of the anaesthetic because pre surgery I couldn’t sleep. 1) Excrutiating pain and 2) anxiety because of procedure and being one of those statistics of people who die from anaesthetic. Was zoned out for a few weeks. Even my busy mind got some TMO.


  4. I admire your discipline. After being a size 10 from my teens until very recently, I’m finding middle age spread quite depressing. I’ve also been thinking of cutting down on some foods but you’re so right excercise is the key. I just wish someone would show me (for free πŸ™‚ what exercises to do


    • Thank you Sula. I’ll email you some workouts I got from Pinterest later. It’s all about just getting started even if you do it for a minute or 2 the first time. It’s lazy girl workouts but it’s so effective. And what’s great is that you can incorporate it into your daily life and routine because you don’t have to make time for it. I do ballet squats while ironing or some other tedious chore. Great workout music is also a big motivator. I can tell you this much, it’s not much discipline once you get to the addiction phase. I sometimes feel jittery if I didn’t get at least a few minutes in like a smoker who’s run out of ciggies.


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