My Bloglovin Link Attempt

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

I’ve enrolled in the Blog Uni class in order to get my techno geek on. Clearly there is much more to it than meets to eye but I so much want to say “I came, I saw and I conquered.” Having a WordPress blog is all good but if I want to expand my audience Bloglovin is the place to register your blog.

Firstly I’ve signed up to the Bloglovin sight. Next I need to ‘claim’ my sight. Easier said than done. As my luck (or lack therof) I have some troubleshooting. In order claim my WordPress blog I’ve got to follow some steps on their sight.

This will probably take me more than a few tries but hey I’ve got time. The instructions say I have to write a new post and paste the code I’ve copied from Bloglovin into the new blog post and publish.

Thereafter I need to go back to Bloglovin nd press the button – underneath the box with the code labeled “Claim blog”.

Apparently once the steps are done my blog will be verified and mine and I will be able to change information on Bloglovin.

I’m not entirely sure as to where I should paste the code but let’s see just how good I am at following instructions. It does say that I should put it at the top of the blog post so I tried just that.

Wish me luck. I need all the help I can in order to be a techno savvy blogger.


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