Tandem Post: Ellipses


“ELLIPSES” Is all I hear you say before I start blocking your every word and start on my trip. Every word you said before that is erased. Instead my mind is focusing on all the things you wordlessly voiced after that third dot.

Yeah, you’re responsible for what you say and I’m responsible for the way I interpret it. Good ole “Ellipses”, right? But why do I hear you trying to break me down? Shredding my self-esteem with every smug smile. You’re joking, you say? Well why is your joke laced with venom?

Can you feel it? Why, it’s me retaliating at your words. The things I hear you say while I’m imagining punching you in the throat. Right now I’m breaking your nose. I hope you feel it. Well I’ve kicked you ass in my mind a thousand times.

I’m not good enough, strong enough, wise enough, enough enough? Whatever that means. You choose to look through life looking through stained windows.

Maybe you’re not good enough, strong enough, wise enough, enough enough. Why do view life through stained windows?

Clean those windows dammit. Maybe then you’ll notice that everything is not about you, yet it is. Maybe you’ll find that loving begins with you. Maybe you’ll find that you are good enough, strong enough, wise enough, enough enough.

I am good enough, strong enough, wise enough, enough enough.

Do not leave yourself or my person open to interpretation.

Dear reader,

Thank you for reading this week’s tandem post “Ellipses”. How many words have been left open to interpretation in your lives? Words have the power to make or break people. They harm and they heal. This post stemmed from being on the receiving end of criticism on my body shape and size recently. I nearly lost the plot and my self-esteem took a nose dive. However I recovered real quick because I don’t have any hang ups on my body. Blasted PMS and raging emotions J

This was part of a weekly tandem series between two awesome ladies who happen to be in tandem with me on more levels than just our weekly posts. Please visit their sites to see their interpretation of “Ellipses”.

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Tandem Post: Cinderella (A Modern Tale)

“Oh brother, here we go again. Just what I need.” Cindy mumbled under her breath as she heard her sisters carry on about the party they were getting ready for. She knew that they’d soon be on her case about not wanting to go. Social gatherings were just not her thing. Getting all dressed up was a chore in itself and having to make small talk with airheads while dodging all the ‘cool guys’ was not her idea of fun. She’d much rather getting under the covers and enjoy a novel with some hot chocolate. And maybe, if he is online they can chat a bit.

“Cindz you have to come tonight. Please, please, please.” Her younger sister Jenna begged her. Cindy rolled her eyes and scrunched her face. “Begging won’t help Jenna. I’m not interested. Besides, I’ve already for plans.” Her sister laughed at her admission. “Plans, Schmans! I know you just won’t go anywhere coz you’re afraid he’ll be online and you won’t get to flirt and swoon over a nameless, faceless stranger.”

Cindy gasped. No one knew about her online romance. How in heavens did her little sister find out about it. Before she could ask any questions Jenna saved her the hassle. “I’m so not telling you how I know but I do. If you want me to keep your secret you’ll just have to go with us tonight.” Jenna sounded flippant and Cindy knew she meant business. Deciding not to argue or ask any further questions she said “Fine but I don’t have anything to wear.”

The situation was easily remedied as Jenna and her other sisters already had an outfit ready. Cindy had an uneasy feeling about this and knew she’d been set up but it was too late to back out. She didn’t want anyone to know about him. What they shared was the closest that she’d ever gotten at a shot of romance and she revelled in the feelings he stirred in her. Just a pity that they’d never meet face to face because she was not confident about her looks. He was one of the hot guys that a mousy book smart girl like her could only dream about.

All primped and costume in place she felt better about being blackmailed to going to this stupid party. Her costume was a Cinderella gown complete with glass slippers. Okay, not glass, glass, but a plastic variation. As she walked around she noticed that she was the only one. So much for keeping a low profile. Oh well, at least her mask would provide for some measure of anonymity and it helped boost her esteem a bit.

Cindy decided to let her hair down and mingle a bit when she spotted a guy in a Prince Charming costume. He smiled at her as he made his way to her. Without uttering a word he took her hand and led her to the dance floor. His grip firm yet gentle. They swayed to the music. Boy did this guy know how to dance. It felt magical.

A while later Jenna interrupted their dance. “We need to leave! Dad was just rushed to hospital.” Cindy broke contact with Prince Charming and ran out. She had to get to her dad as soon as possible.

A few days later as she sat and thought about her evening with a nameless, faceless stranger she wondered again who he was. There was something familiar about him but she couldn’t pin it. An email popped up and it immediately pushed aside thoughts of her dream dancer as she saw it was from him.

HIM: Hey pretty girl. In the fairytale, you’re supposed to leave a glass slipper behind. How am I going to find you now?

PS: Hope your dad is doing OK?

Cindy gasped. She didn’t know what to make of it. Did this mean that he was there? Of course he would have been. Reid was the most popular guy in town. So he did see her. Damn! Just as well. It’s not like they had anything real. He hardly ever spoke to her in person and she’d be the last girl that he’d date. While she typed a reply the bell rang. She jumped up to answer the door.

“Uhm… Reid… uhm… what are you doing here?” She was surprised to find him on the other side of the door. His response was a beaming smile. “Sorry, where are my manners. Please come inside.” She bit her lip as he walked past her to enter. When she turned his way he was holding what looked like a glass slipper in his hand. “Well since we already know it’s you I dance with, this really is not necessary. There is something else though…” Cindy looked at him with wide eyes as the realisation set in. Reid closed the distance between them and pulled her close. “You felt as good in my arms as I thought you would.” And he kissed her.

The sound of someone clearing their throat was broke the spell. “Well, well, well. It took you guys long enough. Reid I told you to just go for it but you didn’t think my sister would be into you. And you sis, seriously, you’ve been chatting with the hottest guy around for like forever. Why wouldn’t he be into you? Besides you ruined the guys social life for a while now because he’d much rather be chatting online with you as opposed to living in the real world. It does make for a great romance story.” Jenna laughed. Quite frankly she was relieved that the pair finally got together.

*The End*

This was part of a weekly tandem series. We’re minus a team member this week but be sure to catch Shelley’s Cinderella story onThe_Deal_Is