Tandem Post: Just. One. More. Time.


“Just. One. More. Time.” He thought as he pierced his skin with the needle. The last fix and then he’ll be done with it forever.

He was right. As he transcended into oblivion his body shut down.

“Just. One. More. Time.” She said to her now ex boyfriend. It was called goodbye sex. Not once considering that it would be the beginning of a new life. The life they would share between them that would bind them forever.

“Just. One. More. Time.” She said as she anxiously awaited her abusive husband. If he so much as touched her one more time she would leave… Later that night she did leave. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust…

“Just. One. More. Time.” He said as pushed himself to do another round. Surely it wouldn’t do him harm. His doctor was just over cautious. Fitness was his life. Then cardiac arrest was his death.

How many times do we quit a bad habit or break off a toxic relationship but think “Just. One. More. Time.”? How many times do we think we know better? Are we just kidding ourselves or are the odds just against us?

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Tandem Topic: Game On


I’m fierce, powerful, sassy.

I’m bold, daring and somewhat courageous.

I wear my crown, along with my many hats, with pride.

I’m a woman, wife and mother.

Above all, I’m a warrior.

But I’m also scared and insecure sometimes.

My feelings get hurt more than it should at times.

I too bleed when I get cut.

I swear obscenities when I stub my toes.

Cry for everything and no reason at all.

For all my talk of bravery, I’m also a worrier.

But every morning I wake up and look myself in the mirror and say “Game on!” With every new day comes a new set of obstacles. Challenges that must be faced. But… I’ve got this. Because I’ve only got one life and since I’m not getting out of this alive, I will live it to the fullest. That’s usually right after I get over the fact that my alarm clock disturbed my sleep. AGAIN. 😂

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Tandem Post: The List

    She had her life worked out and it all planned. By 25 she’ll be married, by 27 she’ll have her first baby and before 30 she’ll have two little ones to call her own. To love and care for while juggling life with a successful career and marriage.

    It wasn’t meant to be…

    He thought he’d strike it lucky in business. Pay off his student loans in one installment, buy his first car cash, live in a bachelor flat and have women at his every beck and call. Marriage was not in his plan before 40.

    It wasn’t meant to be…

    They were inlove and nothing could seperate them. Their first child sealed the deal and shortly after babies number 2 and 3 were with them. Divorce. What was that word. It was something other people did.

    It wasn’t meant to be…

    That mother who held her baby close to her heart for nine months only to have it still born.

    It wasn’t meant to be…

    That child who lost his parents at a young age. Or those parents who’s had to bury their own children. Parents aren’t supposed to outlive their kids.

    It wasn’t meant to be…

How often do we plan our lives and make The List of how we want our lives to be? How often do we set ourselves up for success only to have it all tumble down at our feet? We tend to lose focus and find ourselves disappointed and often defeated. Typing this I lost focus numerous times too by checking emails, answering a questions (or ten), checked my hair.

Life happens. We are struck by illnesses, natural disasters, tragedies, triumphs, successes that redirects our paths too, good and bad hair days. It’s a good hair day for me today. Just had to throw it in there 🙂

It may not always go according to plan but you know what? It’s OK. I believe we’re all exactly where we’re meant to be. Every cloud does have a silver lining and we may not always know the Reason behind “Everything happens for a reason” right away but you know what? As cliche as it sounds, and I do feel bad for even typing it because I don’t always want to accept or understand it, EVERYTHING DOES HAPPEN FOR A REASON.

Here is to altered lists and not giving up on our dreams, hopes and expectations. Keep heart and remember that there is a lesson in every circumstance. Even if that circumstance was not on your list.

PS: The 3 examples above are not based on any people I know nor my own circumstances.

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