Tandem Post: Ellipses


“ELLIPSES” Is all I hear you say before I start blocking your every word and start on my trip. Every word you said before that is erased. Instead my mind is focusing on all the things you wordlessly voiced after that third dot.

Yeah, you’re responsible for what you say and I’m responsible for the way I interpret it. Good ole “Ellipses”, right? But why do I hear you trying to break me down? Shredding my self-esteem with every smug smile. You’re joking, you say? Well why is your joke laced with venom?

Can you feel it? Why, it’s me retaliating at your words. The things I hear you say while I’m imagining punching you in the throat. Right now I’m breaking your nose. I hope you feel it. Well I’ve kicked you ass in my mind a thousand times.

I’m not good enough, strong enough, wise enough, enough enough? Whatever that means. You choose to look through life looking through stained windows.

Maybe you’re not good enough, strong enough, wise enough, enough enough. Why do view life through stained windows?

Clean those windows dammit. Maybe then you’ll notice that everything is not about you, yet it is. Maybe you’ll find that loving begins with you. Maybe you’ll find that you are good enough, strong enough, wise enough, enough enough.

I am good enough, strong enough, wise enough, enough enough.

Do not leave yourself or my person open to interpretation.

Dear reader,

Thank you for reading this week’s tandem post “Ellipses”. How many words have been left open to interpretation in your lives? Words have the power to make or break people. They harm and they heal. This post stemmed from being on the receiving end of criticism on my body shape and size recently. I nearly lost the plot and my self-esteem took a nose dive. However I recovered real quick because I don’t have any hang ups on my body. Blasted PMS and raging emotions J

This was part of a weekly tandem series between two awesome ladies who happen to be in tandem with me on more levels than just our weekly posts. Please visit their sites to see their interpretation of “Ellipses”.

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