Mompreneur: Jasmine Face Painting

Since Little K’s last birthday, back in February, she’s been planning her next birthday party. And her next, and next, up until her crown birthday which will only be when she’s twenty seven. There will be ice cream cake and Keith has to bake Barbie cupcakes for that event too. “I hope you’re reading Keith, coz you’ve got less than twenty one years to practice.”

Kids come up with all these ideas and we (I’m sure I’m not the only one here) as parents want to make their parties as special as possible. Life is fast paced and even though we have amazing ideas of our own, it’s not always viable to make it happen without getting a third party involved. You know… Time and running around from one place to another.

Although I have plenty of time to plan Little K’s next birthday party, I have thought of some ideas. Or rather had some imprinted in my brain. We seem to be planning her parties on a regular basis. Even though I don’t know for sure who the flavour of the month (Dora/Frozen/Barbie etc) will be next time around, what I do know for sure is what the party favors will look like.

A while ago I came across Mompreneur Jasmine who makes the cutest party boxes/packs/buckets as well as offer facepainting services. Jasmine started her business 18 years ago when a parent at school asked for her assistance on a site. She then decided to try her own hand at it and soon it became a hobby turned to a business. Since then it’s been lots of hard work to earn her reputation. Her passion is what keeps her going.

Jasmine is a single mom to her handsome 13yo son and the income generated with her business supplements her salary as a full time employee. She is based in the Southern Suburbs in Cape Town and does deliveries to certain areas.

Before you think she only caters for girls, here are a few of the boys images.

Cool, don’t you think? Her contact details for for more information and orders are:
082 8312839

Any guesses who I’ll be calling for party favors for Little K’s next birthday party…


Introducing Moms List Marketplace

If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ll know how challenging it is to get out there and get noticed. You’ve got the perfect product or service but with the exception to family and friends who will purchase your product who shows their support (sometimes out of pity), it really can be a struggle to get it sold much less get noticed by the masses. Your actual target market.

What about once off items you want to sell? Or previously loved items? There are many platforms you can use to sell your product like Gumtree or OLX to name a few. While my experience with both of the aforementioned websites has been pleasant, I don’t often post services or items I want to sell on there. The simple reason being that I don’t get the responses I want. What’s more, not all sites cater to a specific audiences. Sure it’s great to have everything under one umbrella but if you’re looking for a kiddies item it can be a bit frustrating to find car parts that was incorrectly placed under a specific filter. Or what about babysitting service and you end up with computer training in your search results.

Before you get lost and think this is a rant, let me assure you it’s not. Anything but. So what exactly am I on about? The virtual social marketplace for moms Moms List Marketplace that was launched in December 2014. The place you can find at the palm of your hand by accessing the mobi site or downloading the iPhone app. Yes they’ve got an app too.

Whatever avenue you use (albeit mobile/app/desktop) to access Moms List, you’ll see it is very user friendly. There are so many aspects I like about the site and the biggest one to me is FAQ’s and Terms & Conditions . I love reading but when it’s important information in fine print, and in many cases an information overload, I lose interest. You’ll find that on this page they’ve managed to get all the nitty gritty down in bite size chunks. Another aspect I love about Moms List is the “Less static, fewer scams” section in the FAQ’ and T&C’s where you’ll note that in order to buy or sell on Moms List, you have to be a member and messages are sent via the site/app and not via email. Why do I love this? If you’re a member you’re part of the group thus there is already a sort of relationship of trust. Many times emails end up in my junkmail folder and if I don’t check that folder regularly it means business lost.

I’m mostly a mobile interwebs user and registered my account via my phone easy peasy. Below is my user screen.

A few items on the “Buy” list.

Once you’re ready to sell your product or service you can proceed to the “Sell” option and place your ad by completing the information that is required.

But wait, there’s more! The sellers page also give you the option to share your ad on your social media platforms. So instead of placing a different ad for every platform, you can choose to share it on your own social feeds. Saves you a whole deal of hassle don’t you think?

Moms List can be found on Twitter @moms_list as well as Facebook Moms List

There you have it mommies (and daddies) if you’re looking for a place to buy or sell go check out Moms List and get started. I’m quite looking forward to building a relationship with some other moms as well as try my hand at selling my services as well as some of my handmade products.

Let me know your views on Moms List…


Last week I started with the Mompreneur series and introduced Radhia from Treatmesweetlie. She’s part of my blogging community and in our community we share the love. Mommies doing for themselves inspire me, and as more and more women are starting to move mountains, I’m all aboard.

Today I was supposed to feature another mompreneur, but while I was busy with the finishing touches of the post, I was interrupted by a knock at the door. A very decent looking middle aged woman asking if I don’t have an odd job for her to do. A little details on the woman’s appearance and demeanor: Neatly dressed like someone who is going to work, with her handbag which I’m assuming had a packed lunch. She had the most radiant smile, full of confidence and looked like a woman on a mission. The mission obviously to find a job, do it well and earn some bucks to feed her family at the end of the day. She didn’t ask for any handouts and when I told her that I didn’t have any odd jobs for her (while swallowing a lump in my throat because if I could I’d give her a job right on the spot) she politely thanked me for my time, again with a smile and said goodbye. In the few minutes we spoke I could sense that she was a humble and very genuine person. Guys I’ve interviewed candidates for jobs at companies before and most of them fall short on the impression this woman gave me today. When she left I said an earnest prayer asking God to help and bless this woman. I really do hope that she finds something today.

So friends there is no mompreneur feature this week and the mommy I would have featured is understanding about this. Things don’t always go as planned and some stories should not be left untold.

Now a bit more about mompreneurs and entrepreneurs in general and a bit of a rant.

While many women (mostly girls) seek rich husbands to offer financial stability, I’ve chosen to not trade in my hubster for a richer model, but to become THE RICH WIFE. How do you like that?

As an entrepreneur myself I know firsthand how difficult it is to start up. Nevermind getting clients and marketing. The idea of self promoting, if you don’t suffer from forwardjitis (totally made up word and totally love it) like me, is a daunting task because let’s face it you won’t get everyone’s support especially from friends and family members. Not even going to try and analyze or rationalize it because it is what it is. What I have noticed on many occasions is that it’s often those same people who doubted you or didn’t want to support you at first that’s usually the ones who comes asking favours. I hate that. No one gets paid to do favours so don’t expect friends or family who may be of some benefit to you because of their skills or connections to just drop everything and run to your aid. At the same time I’d also like to make it clear that we skilled business people are often keen to assist where we can but do not tolerate being taken advantage of.

Classic example: About a month ago I helped a family member out with one of my services which saved her over R300 if she had to pay a professional (please note that because I’m related, I’m not classified as a professional in her opinion) to perform the task. I got a mild thanks and an extended story about how much she would have paid for the service and the conversation (let’s call it a rant) lasted for a whole 10 minutes about how much people charge for services these days. I didn’t expect payment but a choccie would have made my day or even an empty IOU. I love choccies by the way but it’s not my preferred currency in my business.

During the past few months I’ve also done some telephonic support for friends who seem to think that since I’m home I obviously have nothing better to do than help them with their Excel issues or balancing of books etc. A simple thanks there too and still no choccies. I don’t expect anything, but geez since I’m doing you a favour steal my heart a little.

Many of us know people who knows how to do things and will gladly assist where they can. Entrepreneurs take note: make use of your resources and take advice from people who offer it. You don’t need to follow through with all of it but be open to suggestions. You’ll find there are many professionals who are quite eager to share their knowledge. Do not however abuse them and if it is a service they offer in a professional capacity then don’t be shy to ask for discounted rates or some trade swopping. Again, you’ll find entrepreneurs have a sense of camaraderie and they may be able to make use of your product or service too.

As usual a whole mouthful. Can you imagine having a conversation with me in real life? Ha ha ha…

I’ve approached quite a few moms doing it for themselves and they’re all keen to be featured on my little blog. So this will be “Mompreneur Tuesdays”. Should you wish to be featured, drop me a mail and let’s get chatting ūüôā

Mompreneurs: Introducing Treatmesweetlie

Growing up I was never much of a girly girl but motherhood has changed that. Especially being the mom of 2 very special girls. Stores are filled with the cutest clothing and accessories so I humour them with fairy outfits and frilly dresses (although Middle K -the preteen- has outgrown that phase). Ok well maybe I humour myself more than them because they have their own dress sense which resembles my tomboy phase. What I have noticed is their love of personalised and unique items. Yet another of my attributes. It is for this reason that I support mompreneurs who design and make their own creations. I love it so much that I decided to promote those mom’s here because I happen to think they’re rad.

My first mompreneur is Radhia from Treatmesweetlie.

A bit of background on Radhia and how she came up with the idea:

Meeting her little princess helped her to find her passion – motherhood. She now loves anything and everything that is baby or child related. She’s always loved pretty things, and, rather naturally, loves finding pretty things for her little girl.¬†

After struggling to find pretty pacifier clips in SA, she created Treatmesweetlie Handmade Leather Braided Pacifier Clips. The colour choices makes it perfect for your little one or as a gift to a fellow Mama or Mama-to-be. They may also be used as a teether or toy clip. Because it is handmade, they can be custom made to the length you require, making it easy to attach your little ones favourite toy. 

Pacifier Clips

Pacifier Clips

Read more about the clips on her blog post Treatmesweetlie Pacifier Giveaway.

You may ontact Radhia at for more information. 

She can also be found at

I hope you’ve clicked on the link because there is a giveaway in store… And who doesn’t like a giveaway.

Have you clicked yet?