Hey guys (by guys I mean ladies, gentlemen and just errrbody).

For the past few weeks I’ve thinking about Women’s month and what it means to me. Besides the fact that Woman’s Day was a mid-week fake Saturday. Yay! Not so great when we had to go back to work and have a Monday do-over the Wednesday, but hey fun was had.

Once a month I dread being a woman. Thrice in my lifetime I’ve really dreaded being a woman. Birthing three babies was no walk in the park. Neither were the PJ drills. Thankfully we’re past that and will never experience it again.

BUT… I didn’t decide to come out of hiatus to talk about the not so glorious moments in my life.

Since this month started, I’ve been thinking more and more about my kids. I’m raising two beautiful young ladies and a young lad whom I think will make some lucky lady a wonderful husband one day. On our journey we are making some fantastic memories. Sharing laughs, ideas, dancing and making stuffs and, and, and…

I’ve come to realise that being a woman is about harnessing power. The power to create, build, groom, empower, grow and be flexible. Gosh there are so many words I could use to describe womanhood and the qualities of strong women. The possibilities are endless. Being a woman is not necessarily about being a mother. You don’t have to have kids to help build a better tomorrow. Knowing they are our future and showing them the way through love and compassion goes a long way.

During my thinking spree, I noticed that “Me time” has become a thing of the past. Not that I’m skimming on that. On the contrary. I’ve become much more intentional about being a woman. Being a “woman-first” means taking care of me in order to take care of everyone else. Me time is no longer a quick sesh here or there but more of an intentional time allocated to my daily schedule to do what I want without mom guilt. Off course it doesn’t always pan out that way. Then again show me a schedule without a glitch. Somehow being a wife and mom forms part of that ‘allocated’ slot.

My Instagram bio reads: “Woman first…” Because if I can’t be what God created me to be then I think I’ll be useless to my person, kids and anyone else I may cross paths with in my life.

My kids are my life and I want to be the type of woman my girls aspire to be. Have the qualities my son will seek for in a wife one day. Ok maybe not too much of my qualities. Wait! He’s only fifteen. Why am I giving that much thought to his future wife? Maybe because I over think things. I’m a woman after all. Typical.

Most of all, when I think about being a woman I am reminded of Proverbs 31.



Happy Woman’s Month 😚😚😚

What do you think being a woman is all about?

Thank you for reading 🙂



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