Tandem Post: Just. One. More. Time.


“Just. One. More. Time.” He thought as he pierced his skin with the needle. The last fix and then he’ll be done with it forever.

He was right. As he transcended into oblivion his body shut down.

“Just. One. More. Time.” She said to her now ex boyfriend. It was called goodbye sex. Not once considering that it would be the beginning of a new life. The life they would share between them that would bind them forever.

“Just. One. More. Time.” She said as she anxiously awaited her abusive husband. If he so much as touched her one more time she would leave… Later that night she did leave. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust…

“Just. One. More. Time.” He said as pushed himself to do another round. Surely it wouldn’t do him harm. His doctor was just over cautious. Fitness was his life. Then cardiac arrest was his death.

How many times do we quit a bad habit or break off a toxic relationship but think “Just. One. More. Time.”? How many times do we think we know better? Are we just kidding ourselves or are the odds just against us?

Thank you for reading this weeks installment of my tandem series. To see what my “bloggers in crime” are up to, click their linkies below.

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