Tandem Topic: Game On


I’m fierce, powerful, sassy.

I’m bold, daring and somewhat courageous.

I wear my crown, along with my many hats, with pride.

I’m a woman, wife and mother.

Above all, I’m a warrior.

But I’m also scared and insecure sometimes.

My feelings get hurt more than it should at times.

I too bleed when I get cut.

I swear obscenities when I stub my toes.

Cry for everything and no reason at all.

For all my talk of bravery, I’m also a worrier.

But every morning I wake up and look myself in the mirror and say “Game on!” With every new day comes a new set of obstacles. Challenges that must be faced. But… I’ve got this. Because I’ve only got one life and since I’m not getting out of this alive, I will live it to the fullest. That’s usually right after I get over the fact that my alarm clock disturbed my sleep. AGAIN. 😂

Thank you for reading this week’s Tandem Post. Please see what my partners in tandem are up to this week.

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