Tandem Post: Silencer

Bruised, Battered, Broken…

Numb, Mindless, Bottomless…

Worthless, Dirty, Degraded…

Nothing left but an empty shell.

You thought you took it all…

For a while you did.


“Tell anyone and I’ll kill you!” You said.

You think you are the Silencer.


We will rise and we will not be silenced. We will shout it out from the rooftops until the acts of hate stops.

#RedMyLips #SayNoToRapeCulture #NoMeansNo



This was part of a weekly tandem post between 2 of my fav bloggers and I. Please go see what they’ve dished up for you this week.

Chevone’s story

Shelley’s story

Thank you for reading.


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