Tandem Post: In My Garden


The place where chaos reigns,
Madness collides,
Frustration often prevails,
Craziness is encouraged,

Where love is always in bloom,
Mistakes are nothing but learning curves,
Judgement is frowned upon,

Where flying is encouraged,
Fun and laughter are compulsory,
Tears are optional.

In my garden, green fingers are not a requirement. Just the gentle touch of a mother’s hand. My hand.

In my garden I’m blessed with three amazing flowers.

We live. We learn. We grow.

This was part of a weekly tandem blog. Thank you for reading ☺

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6 thoughts on “Tandem Post: In My Garden

  1. I cannot believe how much they’ve grown! I remember when I was still arguing with a certain little miss who today is such a tall beauty. Great post Celestial. Strong mom equals strong kids


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