Tandem Post: Ja Baas

“Ek sal dit net een keer probeer.”

“Nee, ek is nie verslaaf nie. Kan enige tyd ophou as ek wil.”

“Dit gee my ‘n buzz. Laat my van my al probleme vergeet.”

“Nog… Net… Een… Hit…”


“Ja baas!”

Hoe baie van ons jong mense word vasgevang in dwelms?

“I’ll only try it once.”

“No, I’m not addicted. I can give it up anytime I want to.”

“It gives me a buzz and makes me forget about my troubles.”

“Just… One… More… Hit…”

“Yes boss!”

How many of our young people are caught up in the web of drugs?

JA BAAS (YES BOSS) was part of a weekly tandem post between 2 amazing bloggers and I.

For Chevone’s post click here

For Shelley’s post click here

Drug abuse is real and it affects every one of us. Whether you’re the user, loved one or family member of a user or some man or woman on the street.

Let’s educate our kids and stop the cycle.

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7 thoughts on “Tandem Post: Ja Baas

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  2. So true! We need to address this much more in our circles. The things we are caught up in enslaves us and once enslaved in this cycle its hard to get out! But praise the LORD there is help and salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ! It is so evident in our daily life’s and one of the signs is when someone who use to care no longer care and listen to advise. The more someone is caught up in a vice the less they listen to advise! But we must be there, caring, praying and sharing not merely an ideal but ourselves! Thanks for the post πŸ™‚


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