Tandem Post: Coffee?


It started out with coffee…

Coffee is much more than a dark liquid best enjoyed whilst hot. Whether you prefer it strong and black, with or without sugar or cream or even not at all, when you’re invited for coffee it’s hardly ever as cut and dried as that. When you’re asked “Coffee?” there is usually a reason behind it.

In the movies, when someone invites you for coffee after a date it’s usually a proposition. When someone of the opposite sex invites you for coffee (in real life) it sometimes means that the person is interested in you and it could be the beginning of a new romance. When your friend invites you for coffee, you know it’s going to end up in a long chat that’s probably overdue. It may just turn into lunch or supper because you know that it may just be a while before you find the time to fit each other in to your busy lives. Sometimes it acts as an olive branch too. Finding it difficult to talk to someone or bridge a gap? It’s amazing what an invitation to coffee will do.

Whatever the reasons behind “Coffee” is, I always get excited for a few reasons.

1) I lalalala LOVE coffee

2) Coffee has become a common denominator in life.

3)Some of my greatest friendships started off with a cup.

4) Catching up with my friends and family is always a treat and coffee is the obvious excuse.

Coffee doesn’t always taste as great as it smells but let’s face it, it is the best damn excuse to break the ice and speak to someone.

So, coffee? Anyone?

*This was part of a weekly tandem blog series between Chevone from Chevs Life, Shelley from The Deal Is and I. Go on and click their links to see what they’ve got to offer this week by clicking their links. Who knows… They may just invite you for coffee too 😉

Thank you for reading ☺


2 thoughts on “Tandem Post: Coffee?

  1. Lol, at work I’m ALWAYS inviting people for coffee! An opportunity to walk the streets, get the lowdown in the ‘hood while analysing and strategising into a warm cuppa, and I am a creature of habit, my order is always the same!!


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