The last two weeks have been the days of energy drinks, laughter, fights, interviews, school activity round ups, hard work and more energy drinks.

Exciting things are happening. All things I would love to share but in due time. It would seem that my season has finally arrived! Everything is going my way and I’m in a position where I need to be focused and prioritize. If I don’t, I may just make a balls up and lose out on some opportunities. Not really sure where to start, but for now I’ve decided to let you in on a few things in this ‘Currently’ post and take it from there.

Feeling: Excited… I got a job and started on Tuesday!!! Drained… It’s that time of the year when everything winds down and tiredness sets in and on top of it I have to get use to getting up early and leave home by 05:30 in the morning. Craziness! Who starts working December anyway?

Doing: Editing my Nanowrimo 2015 novel. I finished on time but have yet to validate it which means that it’s another year that I haven’t won. But it’s all good. What matters is that I did it. My first draft is complete.

Listening to: Tupac. Have been for the whole of November and I haven’t had time to change my playlist yet.

Feeling thankful for: A real job. Also, I’ve been getting more clients as a VA and as my good ole foe Murphy would have it, my freelancing has picked up quite a bit too. A bit widely and thinly spread right now, but I know I’ll be able to manage.

Making: Nothing right now, but I have come across a wooden bangle type tutorial that you make with popsicle sticks. So that’s what I’m going to try the weekend.

Freaked out about: Commuting to work and making the short walk from the bus stop to the office and back everyday. The area is a bit dodgy.

Anticipating: Moving house. I think the time has come for Jonkersville to get a domain. There are so many ideas I have in mind but I’m somewhat restricted with the limits of a freebie site. Like posting videos. Remember that exercise video I mentioned a whiiiiiile ago? Well my goal is to have it online before 2015 sees its hiney, so I will be posting it during this month but will probably only post a link in a blog because that’s one of the limits of the freebie site.

Eating: Nectocots. Still haven’t quite figured out if I like it. Other than that my appetite has waned. Blame it on the heat.

Watching: Scandal (US) and Suits. Started watching Suits from the very first episode.

Loving: The fact that school is almost over. I think I love it more than the kids. No homework for a month. I can live with that.

Milestones: I finally have my first two ongoing signed contracts as a VA. Guaranteed payment every single month. But besides the money, I’m super stoked that they trust me enough to handle their business for them.

What have you been up to?


7 thoughts on “Currently

    • Thank you soooo much Chev 🙂

      I’m so chuffed with myself for finishing too. Must find time to update on the Nano site though. Along with last year’s one. That one kind of meddled with this year’s stats and at the end it showed that my word count was outstanding. Really need to sit down and navigate when I find time. There’s always next year 😉

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