Tandem Post: Beauty Beyond Bounds

“You will never begin to understand how happy I am.” The woman sitting across from me said, when she finished telling me her story. Tears glistened my eyes and I knew the moment I would open my mouth the floodgates of my heart would open too.

Her story sounded oh so familiar. It was the story of my life as I know it right now. A life of unemployment and rejections all round. A life where focus was misdirected, despair reigned at times and feelings of worthlessness prevailed. A time where hope was momentarily lost and joy nowhere to be found.

Never once did I interrupt her when she was telling me her story. I felt all her feels and shared her pain. The one thing that stood out for me as she was this woman’s smile. Even though her circumstances were dire at times she always had her smile. One of the most beautiful smiles I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen her plenty of times before, yet never once did I know the extent of her problems. This woman had a strength about her and possessed a beauty beyond bounds. Looking at her, a passerby would not easily notice her pain.

Her story now had a beautiful ending or rather, a beginning. She got a permanent position at a company with a great salary. Listening to her and watching her beam with joy encouraged me. It renewed my hope. Soon I’ll be sharing her joy too.

“I may not be experiencing the same joy you are right now, but I can tell you that soon I’ll be able to understand just how happy you are feeling.” I eventually replied. Seeing her confused expression, I explained that I am not the polished professional with a high income she’d thought me to be. What I was doing for her and others, was in the capacity of a volunteer and stemmed from a place of love. A place where I’ve come to realize that I am worth so much more than I give myself credit for. Where I’m confronted with real need and it makes me thankful for what I have and what I have to offer others.

I have long since decided to not allow my circumstances to define me. Instead of wallowing in my misery, I have accepted that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be in my life. My life is not empty. I’ve got life, love, hope, joy and I know that at the end of this chapter there is a whole new adventure awaiting.

“This too shall pass”

My only hope is that during this time I too possess beauty beyond bounds 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Tandem Post: Beauty Beyond Bounds

  1. You are one of the strongest people I know. I have immense respect for you, Celestial. Know that that which you are waiting for is right around the corner. There is a hand covering you and yours at all times and your quiet faith will be rewarded. Beautiful piece, old friend.


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