Tandem Post: The Young and The Restless

A Letter To Today’s Youth

Hi. Hello. Awe. Whatsup. Hoe lyk hulle.

There are a few things you really should know about life. Things that your parents probably have told you. You know, the things they say when they speak in that nagging whiney voice that confirms that your parents just don’t get you. You’re probably right on that score. On the other hand your parents must be wondering what kind of monsters they’ve created. And they’re probably right too. I’ve seen some beautiful monsters around though πŸ™‚

Well let me tell you a few other things I witness when I see you beautiful monsters…

    I see you walking down the street like you own the world.

    I see you disrespecting your parents, neighbours, peers and elderly.

    I see you experimenting with substances like alcohol and drugs.

    I see you wasting away with the “adult” choices you think you’re making.

    I see you know more than enough to bother about trivial things like school.

Well, let me tell you a few things you really should know.

You have the world at your fingertips but you don’t own it. No one on this earth ever will. What do have is a place in this world but it’s up to you to live your legacy.

Respect goes a long way. Funny thing about respect is that it is earned and cannot be bought. Not everyone is worthy of your respect but you’ll find that the way you treat others has more to do with how you think and feel about yourself. Ever hear the saying: “Don’t be mean to the geek in your class coz they may end up being your boss one day”? Well that’s true. Don’t limit respect to one group of people though. We live in a small world and you never know when you’ll need someone.

It’s great to out new things. Always bear in mind that a few experiments has cost people their lives. Drugs are of those experiments. When people say don’t do drugs, they’re giving you the best advice ever. It’s addictive and destroys your life and tears families apart. Alcohol is no innocent bystander either. It makes you lose control and often makes of a fool of you without your help.

It’s crazy how you guys want to be adults and how adults want to be kids again. Enjoy the freedom youth provides. It comes only once in our lives. When you become an adult there’s no going back. You’ll have plenty of time to “Adult” later on in life. You have tons of responsibilities and you have to work. Work is no walk in the park.

Read. Learn. Read some more. School may not always be fun. I get that. But it prepares you for the life you’re meant to live one day. Sure, you won’t necessarily use the knowledge you learn in some subjects, then again you’d be surprised to find that you actually do. Between you and I, I don’t think many adults realize this. For good measure I’ll just remind you to read again. It increases your knowledge and makes you well versed.

I know it sometimes feels like no one understands you, but trust me, there is always someone who does and can give good advice. The people I’m talking about are not your friends, it’s your parents (yes your parents) and other adults.

Guys and girls, if you take nothing out of this, I at least want you to know that it’s OK to be young and restless but always remember that what you do today will impact all your tomorrows. You are our future. Reach for the skies and always remember that you can do and be anything you apply your mind to, unless you apply your mind to being an iPhone; that’s just crazy πŸ˜€

This was part of a tandem series where 3 bloggers and 1 title collide. For Chevonne’s story click here and Shelley’s story click here

It can be said that I talk too much… Say it ain’t true by sharing your view. All comments are welcome πŸ™‚



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