Tandem Post: Smackdown

I read a quote once that said:


The thing with quotes is that it makes perfect sense and in most cases rings so true but when faced with a situation, impulse often overrides logic. Well, at least in my case.

Last night I had a dream… Not the Martin Luther King kind. I’m ways away from there. Also not the rainbows, butterflies and fair wings variety either. I save those for daydreaming. You know, those moments you see all the ugly in the world and you just want to block it all out. Or those moments when you stand in a long queue with one item but you can’t exactly leave the store without because you really need it.

Anyhoo, in my dream, I had a smackdown with someone I haven’t been seeing eye to eye with for a while now. It was like all those ninja/warrior games rolled into one. I tell you, I haven’t been this charged in a long time and it had me waking up with a smile on my face. Why a smile, you ask? I won obviously. Just like I win all the one-woman arguments I have with people in the shower. Yeah, while the rest of the population have impromptu concerts in the shower, I fight. I destroyed this woman and it felt good, but what would a fight be if she didn’t get in some good punches too. It’s a give and take after all. Don’t worry I’ll live 😀 The downside to waking from my dream was the knowledge that things were not sorted. The elephant remains in the room.

Having this dream made me realise how bothered I really am by the situation. It really isn’t of any consequence and I almost never see this woman either, but the fact that she’s a bit of a loose end bothers me. Sure I know that not everyone we meet in our lives are meant to like us. I honestly do get that. I suppose it’s just a matter of being judged by someone who doesn’t know me. Another quote comes to mind… “Other peoples opinions are their business, not yours”. Yet sometimes they manage to creep their way into your subconscious and it bothers you a bit. You being me, to be exact.

After coffee I had some more realisations. Even though I’m not completely satisfied with the matter, it really is resolved already. Gran always says that silence is an answer too. Damn old people and their wisdom sometimes but combined with dreams, coffee and some life experience, it makes a lot of sense. Sure there has been many occasions where I could have lashed out and started an argument with her (or other people over other things) but whenever I’m tempted to do so I hear gran’s voice on replay. Some fights are really just not worth it.

Lastly, I realised that I wouldn’t want to be in any fight with this woman or anyone else. Verbal or physical. Besides, what would I be teaching K3 if I do? I would like to however be able to kick the living daylights out of someone in self defence. This is the part where you all touch wood with me for my safety.

So what if I don’t win at every argument? So what if I don’t ever get an apology for someone doing me wrong? So what if others have bad opinions of me?

Smackdowns? No thank you.

I am, and will continue to be unapologetically me!

This was part of our weekly tandem blog where, this week, it’s 2 bloggers and 1 title. Go check out what Shelley has to say.


4 thoughts on “Tandem Post: Smackdown

  1. You know how argumentative I can be, right? My favourite tool has become silence. Old people wisdom really works and holds true. Sometimes things are better left unsaid – words cannot be taken back. Amazing how philosophical we get as we mature (I don’t grow older). Your gran, especially, is a very wise woman. Hug her for me?


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