Tandem Post: Extra Fries

A sharp light pierces through the window rousing her from her slumber. It feels like she’s making her transition to the afterlife. Surely it must be, because it feels as though her head has been hit by a truck. The blindingly bright light makes it difficult for her to identify her surroundings. Her body feels like it’s floating and she feels warm. Maybe she’d just died.

If she did then surely the pain should be gone, she thinks to herself. All thoughts comes to an abrupt halt when she feels the warmth embracing her even more. It’s like there is another body wrapped around hers. It feels soft and comfortable and she relaxes until she feels hot breath in her neck. Suddenly she’s alarmed.

She struggles to open her eyes in the bright light. The throbbing in her head doesn’t aid her in any way but she has to know what’s happening here. She manages to half open one eye to take in her surroundings. She’s in a room. Obviously in bed noticing the angle of her vision. Confused she closes it again hoping to try again in a few seconds…

“Babe… I asked if I must order some extra fries?” It’s the husband’s voice that snaps me back into the present. I’m annoyed. He looks more annoyed than I am. Shucks! I should probably play nice for the next few days before he becomes a “NaNoWriMo widower” for 30 Days.

Now to finally decide on my story and do some more plotting…

This was part of a weekly tandem series where 3 bloggers and 1 title collide. For Chevonne’s post click here and Shelley’s post click here

It can be said that I talk too much… Say it ain’t true by sharing your view. All comments are welcome 🙂



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