Tandem Post: Never stop…

Today I wanted to give way to literary abandon and write some amazing story for the Tandem post. Nanowrimo is coming up and I’m getting geared up for that so I’m writing everyday to get into the swing of things. Last year I participated as well but due to time constraints and lack of discipline I never finished my novella. Well, I kinda did but never got round to updating it on my profile. Guess I should do that before 01 November. Come hell or high water, I WILL write some story with 50K words.

Back to the present…

As I washed the dishes earlier I heard a funny scratching noise outside and went to investigate. My official report: I came across the little birdie (featured in the pic below). I’m not entirely sure how big birds are when they hatch from the eggs but this little one looked like it just hatched. The image is not that clear but he had some fluff on his feathers that made me believe he’s a new born. Or at least a recent born. If that makes any sense.

The little one’s movements were slow and unsteady in its haste. I could tell him testing his wings too by flapping it slowly at first and the faster and it jumped for lift off. Failing miserably at first and getting better and better. Practice makes perfect.

I stood in awe for a while until I thought how much more perfect this moment would have been if my kids could see it too. I couldn’t run inside to grab my phone for a picture fast enough. Last year we had a permanent resident at our home which we named Stompie. It was a feisty, camera shy bird with an amputated leg. The kids really enjoyed having him around and would place seeds for him to eat everyday. They’re kind of hoping Stompie will return but I don’t think that’s going to happen.

Witnessing this little one struggle to take off in flight was a rare occasion I will treasure forever. As I stood some distance away (to not scare it) I realized once again how fast paced our lives are and how we hardly have time to “stop and smell the roses”. There are so many good things on this earth and miracles happening all around us all the time. We’re just too busy to notice it. Life happens.

What I’m really trying to say is NEVER STOP MAKING TIME FOR THE SMALL THINGS IN LIFE. Those are the moments that may bring you the greatest joy.

PS: The pic also made me notice the weeds that needs plucking from the paving. Something that’s kind of escaped my notice. Small things I tell you, small things πŸ™‚

This was part of a tandem series where 3 bloggers and 1 title collide. For Chevonne’s story click here and Shelley’s story click here


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