The other day I Googled…

Do you remember that one time, before auto correct and Google there were such things as dictionaries? I remember as child I would look up words I’d read if I didn’t understand the meaning of it. It’s something I still do these days. Unlike my younger counterpart who made use of dictionaries, I now turn to Google for this.

I teach my kids to do this too. Although I don’t always send them to Google. Can’t exactly guarantee that they won’t get lost on the search engine. It happens to me all the time and I end up reading articles that has nothing to do with what I initially searched for so imagine any kid on the worldwide web.

You’d think that I’d know how to spell a simple word like “enough”, and I do, but got it wrong a while ago and spelt it “i-n-u-f-f”. For the life of me I couldn’t get to the correct spelling. Nope, I’m not into all the tricky online abbreviations to have my mind muddled by it. I’ll stick to “LOL”, if that’s ok. Besides spelling and getting my Google medical degree (that I have subsequently relinquished), there are so many other things you can search for too.

For practical reasons, namely BIS and the fact that I can’t deal with touch screens, I am one of those old school Blackberry users. Just last night I started commenting on another blog and accidentally touched the “post” button and my fingers made a fool of me, so touch screens really is my ultimate nightmare. Then I’ve got another phone for making calls with a contract sim card that serves as an “In case of an emergency” phone. The other day I forgot my “calling” phone at home and had no airtime on the Blackberry which meant I had no way of calling Keith. He’s not really into Whatsapp and is quicker to respond to a “Please call me” from a random unknown number than to check his Whatsapp messages. What’s the haps with that? Anyway, after him not responding to my Whatsapp, I wanted to send him a “Please call me” and realised I have absolutely no idea how to send him one. Like, no cooking clue. For a while I felt like an idiot until I realised that I can Google it. So I did.

Just my luck he didn’t respond to that either. His phone was off and on charge. At least I know how to send a “please call me” now but I’d much rather remember to have my phone on hand. At least I now know how to send a “Please call me”.

For those of you who don’t know, here’s how:


Dial *140*(recipient’s cellphone number)# and “call”.


Dial *121*(recipient’s cellphone number)# and “call”.

Cell C:

Dial *111* (recipient’s cellphone number)# and “call”.

Telkom Mobile (8ta):

Dial *140* (recipient’s cellphone number)# and “call”.

*An SMS (no matter which network) will be sent to the person, with your number and the words: “Please Call Me”.

You can personalize it as well, but one lesson at a time here people 😉

Oh and then I ended up reading AccessTech’s Useful USSD codes for South African Mobile networks. The site gives you short codes for accessing services from balance enquiries to airtime transfers and checking your own number. How cool is that? I know quite a few people who don’t know their own numbers but hey, it’s not like they call themselves. I’m still catching up on other articles on that site so I’ve bookmarked it. See what I mean about going getting lost in my search engine…

What have you Googled lately?


4 thoughts on “The other day I Googled…

  1. Our lives have indeed changed so much! Recently I’ve been trying to make a point of sitting reading through a page of the dictionary, there are so many unused words languishing without use


  2. Thanks Celeste! Now I know how to send a please call me. Now, do you know how to put a passcode on a Telkom line? I googled this on Monday and couldn’t find a usable answer lol!


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