What Is A Demonisticologist?


Stikeez has been all the rage for a while now. People (not only parents, mind you) are collecting it in store and even trading to build their collections. However, this marketing ploy is now receiving bad publicity.

Yesterday I saw a Facebook post warning people that Stikeez is in fact “miniature demons” and parents are warned against acquiring even one of these toys for their kids. The original post and subsequent articles are being shared as we speak. I’m sure by the time I’m done with this post, more of my Facebook friends would have shared it as well. Some proud Stikeez owners are now ex-owners while others are either mocking the article or getting peeved and expressing derogatory remarks at just about anyone who chooses to comment. You agree, you lose. You disagree, you lose.

I’ve read the article, as well as a few others and Stikeez aside, I’m stuck on what a “demonisticologist” is. Today I’m thoroughly convinced that Google must have hit a blank or possibly has porridge brain because the search engine came up with nothing besides the articles I’ve read which is all based on Stikeez. I’m still non the wiser. Can someone please tell me what it is!

Personally I can’t agree or disagree with any of what I read. I don’t believe each and everything I read especially if it’s on Facebook. Just the other day I read about a homeless guy who gets a complimentary coffee at a popular restaurant everyday and how a man felt compelled to buy him a burger. Then I heard someone saying that they heard a radio broadcast about a homeless man getting a glass of water everyday and a couple who bought him a breakfast. Same restaurant by the way. Somewhere along the line the story became fictitious or maybe the restaurant manager is the kindest man ever and his paying customers all have big hearts. Not impossible. There are still kind people on this earth.

A while ago I was bashed on Facebook when I voiced my opinion about the gay marriage issue. This uber religious guy decided to have a go at me and ask what Bible I read and if I even read the Bible. All this because I said that it’s sad to see how religious people entertain the issue far too much that they end up becoming cyber bullies themselves. The guys comment was a ‘short story’ of note and he quoted Bible verses like crazy. He could’ve saved himself a whole lot of trouble typing it all because I stopped reading right after he questioned whether or not I read the Bible. “Self righteous much?” Was my only thought.

My thoughts on the Stikeez stigma:

    We shouldn’t believe in everything we read, or hear for that matter. It may be true or it may not be, but don’t just accept something to be true because you’ve seen a write up about it.

    We need to be vigilant and use discernment in all aspects of our lives. Years back it was Pokemon, this time around it’s Stikeez. What happened to all the toys and figurines in between? The Smurfs sticker (or whatever it was) collection in the cereal boxes and toys included in Happy meals? What about popular tv shows kids are so engrossed in?

    We’ve all heard about false prophets right? Just because someone’s name has a Dr/Prof prefix or is a [insert word here]-ologist, does it mean that they are necessarily right? Or that what they say is true? I wouldn’t trust a gp without a degree to prescribe me meds and I won’t go believing some kind of -ologist that I’ve never even heard of or can’t find the definition for on Google.

    I wouldn’t disregard someone’s opinion all together without giving it some thought either. You can’t play the ignorance card if you’ve been enlightened. The “demonisticologist” has in fact given me some food for thought.

Keith and I are not the type of parents who buys into every kiddie fad that comes around even if it means getting a freebie for spending R150. Collectible items especially is a no-no. There’s way too much junk and nik-naks around our home as it is, to still get more stuff that’s going to be lying around in a few weeks. Besides, can you imagine how much I’d have to spend to build each of my three kids the entire collection because they would all want their own. I don’t even want to think about it.

Having said all this, I surely hope that Stikeez does not mean the imminent demise of our youth. South Africa does not need any more trouble than it already has. Parenting is also difficult enough without worries about the likes of satanic toys.

What do you think about the negative annotation that’s being attached to Stikeez?


4 thoughts on “What Is A Demonisticologist?

  1. Cellphones were demons way of stealing your mind when they came out. People are ridiculous when it comes to such things. I blocked every post that came into my feed because if Stikeez are little demons, then Ben10, Pokemon, Dragonball Z, Wingz, Spongebob, etc are all demons trying to steal your soul.


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