Tandem Post: How to…

… Rob a bank and get away with it…

… Get away with murder…

… Make someone fall inlove with you…

… Lose 10kg’s naturally in one day…

… Get over heartbreak…

… Read minds…

… Tag a great white shark…

Wouldn’t be super to just know the answers of all the above, and more, on the interwebs? That’s assuming you want to know How To Get Away With Murder, great series by the way, or if like me you’ve been watching too much shark doccies of late to want to tag a great white one day. Ok, maybe in my sleep.

Then again I wouldn’t be too sure about many of the articles I read over there either. Too many Pinterest fails. The crime channel makes me believe that there is no such thing as the ‘perfect crime’ and I’m inclined to believe them. The bad guys always get caught. As for heart ache. Time is often the only healer.

Now how to make fake nails using the red rind of cheese… Well that’s fairly easy even I can tell you how to do it.

Just follow these easy steps:

Cut the desired piece of red rind.

Start rolling it between your fingers to form a pliable ‘dough’ like consistency and form a ‘dough’ ball.

Break off desired piece and apply to nails.

And… Ta Da!

But wait! You’re not done yet. While you’re getting your fake nail on, it’s ok to get nostalgic about your youth. Remember the times you used to walk around in your moms heels and go to the pretend shop. I bet you were a rich ‘old’ lady. I was. 😀

Smile. Even laugh about it. Soon you’ll remember the fights you had with siblings then too.

Now post a blog about it to see how many women remember doing this as little girls.

To see what my co-conspirators are up to click here for Chevonne and here for Shelley.

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