Tandem Post: What’s Cooking

“Haai jinne Judy, did you hear about Sylvie’s daughter Karen? She’s gone and gotten herself pregnant again.” Myrtle said to her neighbour. “Her fourth child! The disgrace!” She continued.

Judy standing with her nightie and cigarette in her mouth shaked her head. “Never true.” She said as she walked closer to the fence separating her property from her neighbour Myrtle. “Will that girl never learn?” She took a puff of her cigarette as Myrtle started again.

“A failed marriage and two kids later, why did she even get married for a second time? And to still give him a child and now another one.” Myrtle waited for Judy to chime in. Knowing her cue Judy said “I guess all the pregnant fairies will be blaming it on load shedding this time. I tell you all that candle light is not good for our population.”

“And then that husband of hers is not even working. I bet she buys him all that fancy clothes too. The dead beat couldn’t even afford to buy her a house!” They both sighed. “Sylvie is turning in her grave now I tell you.” Myrtle said as she took another drag of her cigarette.

“Good morning ladies” They heard and were startled by the voice of the woman who they’ve just been discussing. “So what’s cooking?” Without waiting for their response she gave them a knowing look, touched her belly and walked away. “Some people will just never learn to mind their own business baby.” They heard Karen say as she walked on. Embarrassment took charge of the situation and both women rushed inside their respective homes without so much as looking at each other again.

This was part of a tandem series where three bloggers and one topic collide. Go check put what’s cooking on Shelley’s side here and Chevonne’s right here


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