It’s feature blog time so and this time around my feature blogger for the month is Zayaan from Surviving The Madness.


A few months ago, when we were all at our wits end trying to figure out the load shedding schedules and zones,  along came Zayaan and introduced us to the Gridwatch App. Her post was the first word I heard about the app and I read bit way before other social media broadcasts. It may be like a day or so but you know social media and news cast. A day amounts to a year in the virtual realm.

Then she baked and shared Jamie Olivers Double Chocolate Cookies recipe which made me realize that I can actually do it myself. I must say that it was the least intimidating Jamie recipe I’ve ever seen. Finally I didn’t have to Google a single ingredient. The recipe has been saved and I’ll be trying it out when the baking bug bites again.

What I really admire about her is how she’s doing her bit by contributing to a greener world. She happens to be one of the few moms I know of who’s started using Cloth Nappies. I kind of wish I knew of this 6 years ago. Then again I doubt I’d be that brave. Besides, we were in the fortunate position to not have to buy disposable diapers as Keith’s company supplied right up until Little K’s 3rd birthday.

I’ve also been checking out her Games category and imagine how uber cool I look when I can talk games (kind of… almost…maybe) with my teenage son and his buddies.

These are but some of her posts that I can relate to but I promise you there are plenty more. Go check out her site for yourself to see just what she’s up to.

But wait, there’s more. Watch this space next week for an interview with this blogger…

See you soon 🙂


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