Tandem Post: Running on Empty

In the not so distant past, like about 2 months ago to be exact, I was a passenger in a car on the R300 when all of the sudden the driver of the car (who shall remain anonymous, not Keith by the way) announced that there was no fuel in the tank and we were stuck. To top it all it was load shedding that night which meant we were sitting in complete darkness except for the cars speeding past us while waiting for help to arrive. That must have been one of the most nerve wrecking yet hilarious moments of 2015. Thinking about it now makes me wanna laugh as I did that night. I mean seriously, who gets stuck without fuel?

Then I think about the many times we spread ourselves thin trying to accommodate everyone else and their needs and totally forget to breathe.  Constantly rising to others expectations makes you run on empty. Trying to be a good woman, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend or anything really albeit good or bad. Did I mention that while you’re running around like a headless chicken you’re bound to make a mess and do bad?  I didn’t? Shame on me then, but it’s true.  A fact learnt the hard way. By hard I mean first curling up in a ball and sobbing at my failure as a person, proceeding to wanting a divorce, selling my kids on the black market then deciding to give them away for free, colouring my hair purple and not caring enough to shave my legs. Yes people it gets THAT BAD. Although you may eat balanced healthy meals and exercise you can have an empty tank and get stuck on a highway.

Naturally after one of those meltdowns you decide it’s time for some ‘Me Time’. By then you’ve decided that the purple hair really does it for you, hairy legs is not an option, your family ain’t all that bad and most importantly you realise that you need time for you. Time to learn the art of saying NO. Not because you’re a bad person or because you don’t feel like going the extra mile for someone but because you are important. You need you more than anyone else. You’re in any case not worth much when you’re out of sorts.

Our bodies may not have a visible fuel gage but we need to listen it. Running around and getting things done is a victory in it’s own but it dies come at a cost. Your sanity.

Here’s to living balanced well rounded lives and saying the N-word like a pro. I still have to get there though.

PS: We didn’t spend too much time on the R300 that night and the police even stopped by to check on us which totally restored my faith in our boys in blue.

This was part of a tandem blog between two amazing bloggers and I. Go on and click their links to see what they’re up to this week.
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