Tandem Post: Missing

This month marks the first year of unemployment. If I wasn’t a statistic before, I sure am now. I’ll let you wonder about which statistic I am because, in life, whether we do or don’t do we’ll always be a statistic. So here are the options: Unemployed, Housewife, Job Seeker, Entrepreneur….

A whole bunch of feelings have hit me since the beginning of the month but I won’t bore you with all of that so it’s safe to keep reading. The predominant feeling I have is the one of longing and missing my old life. Maybe not the early morning commute and being stuck in traffic on the N2 when two raindrops fall from the sky. I still can’t figure out why Capetonians forget how to drive at the first hint of rain, but it happens. *sighs*

I miss interacting with people and sharing laughs. Don’t get me wrong I laugh and talk to the hubster and kids everyday. We always have something to talk about. Singles reading this take note: When they say you should marry someone you can laugh and talk to, it’s for real and not just nice words but very sound advice. Although my family provides conversation and entertainment, it’s the office antics and silly moments with my bus buddies I miss.

Yesterday when I took a break from work (my office of one) I read The Types of Colleagues. As I read I was ‘back’ at my old job and could identify each one listed. My Feature Mogger (Mom Blogger) for this month wrote a similar post on Office Politics. Yet again I could see those colleagues and it made the longing to be part of society even stronger even if I don’t have much patience for the ‘all sorts’ in the work environment.

Here are some of the things I’m missing:

    Seeing Table Mountain in all its majestic glory early in the morning. Sometimes it felt like if I reached my hand out that I’d be able to touch it. No amount of pictures will ever do it justice.

    The wind in Cape Town. There’s an old folklore that says that it’s all the souls roaming the streets that causes it to be so windy. I remember how gullible some colleagues were when they heard the tale.

    That same gusty winds that would make my walk to the office a mission and would blow me all the way to the bus stop in the afternoon. Having to hold on to poles and fences to stay in place is for real guys.

    A younger colleague who would bug me every so often by tossing me with a paper ball when I was so engrossed in my work.

    That same colleague who would disgust me sometimes with random things guys do. He once plucked a hair from his nose and put it on my desk. Gross much?

    Listening to everyone getting all excited about a soapy and I’d have no idea what they’re on about but being forced to listening to it.

    Ignoring my phone when the caller identity indicated it was my team leader. I was Cape Town based and he was in Jozi. Long distance relationships don’t work by the way. Both at work and play.

    Month end. The rush of getting reports in on time and balancing the numbers.

    The fact that the numbers didn’t talk back to me.

    Surprising a random person in the office with a cup of coffee on Wednesdays. It was Spar’s buy one get one free and my paying it forward days.

    Being put on hold by the call centre staff when I spoke to them (face to face at that) and they’d have to cut me short when their phones rang.

    The mall. There was always people selling items and the ‘mall’ was usually right next to my desk. You’ll get some great finds there.

    Most of all I’m missing not cooking and cleaning. Guys, I used to be one of those spoilt wives who just had to show up. These days the husband is on the receiving end unless I’m on strike, which happens from time to time.

On days when I feel like I’m losing touch on reality I’m glad for my online community and fellow bloggers. It may not be the same as having a conversation in person but it does make me feel better and not dwell too much on what I think I’m missing. Besides, from what I hear, the world hasn’t changed that much without my presence in the working sphere.

This was part of a tandem series between 2 of those bloggers and I. Check out their posts @ Chevs Life and The Deal Is


2 thoughts on “Tandem Post: Missing

  1. Celeste, the nose hair, really? Hope it didn’t have a booger attached to it!

    This took me back to the 9 months of unemployment (freelance doesn’t count when it’s not a full time job). I missed the interaction with adults, the intelligent conversations and strategising. Back then I wasn’t even on Facebook!


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