Fit(ish) Mom

One of the best compliments is always when I meet people for the first time and they hear I’ve got 3 kids and they be like “Wow you don’t look like someone who’s got kids, nevermind 3!” At the same time I also feel a bit guilty about friends who struggle with their weight and here I am parading (actually just walking an awkward walk coz I’ve never been very girly) my tiny-ish frame. Or at least I felt guilty about it at first. A while ago I posted Body-Wize because I wanted to share part of my fitness journey and obstacles. You’ll see why feeling guilty about my hard work is not an option anymore. Now, now… Before you go thinking I’m on the Vanity Express I’ll explain why before I blow up and shout at someone for making me feel like I’m doing something wrong because of my weight. Or I could still shout at someone for any random reason. That’s just the day I had today.

I’ve never really had a problem with my figure until I had babies. Correction. After my 3rd one. With kids 1 and 2 I easily slid back into my size 6 jeans. The last one just knocked me for a 6 and doubled my size. My thighs literally doubled! Drastic times called for drastic measures. It was workout time. That called for time which I didn’t have and meant that I’d have to go with bad hair days for a while. Already 2 excuses from a long list, but I wanted to lose weight? Thinking back I realize how silly my excuses were. If you want something bad enough you should have to sacrifice right?

Unlike many women who can lose weight by eating ‘right’, my body is not wired that way. The mere term ‘diet’ makes me crave all kinds of food and sweets that I don’t normally indulge. Eating healthy balanced meals doesn’t really feature as a weight watchers programme to me. It’s more of a precaution to family health hazards. Diabetes, cholesterol, heart disease etc. My gene pool made quite sure that I take care of my body and watch what I put into my mouth. That said, I have an insatiable sweet tooth so I do have my moments.

I’m the train-hard-sweat-lots-scold(spew profanities)-at-the-instructor kind of gal. By now I should mention that said instructor is that Hip Hop Abs guy that kinda looks like Will Smith. Yes, I scold at my tv screen while feeling the burn and my husband loved every minute of it. Found it hilarious actually. After a few sessions I couldn’t handle the pressure. Too much aches and pain and zero enjoyment.

But a quitter I am not. Soon thereafter I sampled Zumba and loved every minute of shaking and sweating. The best part of all is that I don’t remember really feel any burning sensations when I started. My workout schedule changed from the evening to early mornings, before I left for work, soon thereafter because the energy burst made it difficult to sleep some nights. Also, I went for a Brazillian blowdry (bye bye bad hair days) which meant I could wash my hair after a workout and still look good for work. The energy burst was and is still amazing and by now it’s become a way of life and not another item on my to-do list. I dropped those dress sizes and don’t just feel comfortable in my skin, I’m loving it.

My workouts have transformed from the Zumba days and I do more serious workouts these days. It includes squats, Kettlebell and a mix of cardio that leaves me panting like a dog. Like an ugly dog, just in case you’re wondering. I have yet to sweat gracefully. Am I a size 6? Nope. Not for the last year thanks to squats. Somewhere along the line I realized I want a softer seat to sit on. I’ve worked my way to doing 200 squats at a time and not walking like a newborn calf by the time I’m done. That’s how much I want a soft seat and also my commitment to ME.

Some advice for moms out there who are not satisfied with their bodies:

    – Watching what you eat is part 1 of getting slim. Working out is the next step.

    – Find a workout that makes you excited and leave you wanting more. That way it will be easier to get off the couch.

    – If time is an issue, always remember that you make time for what is important.

    – Don’t be too hung up about the time you spend doing a workout. Start off slow and work your way to an hour. But start.

    – Working out has so much more benefits than just shedding a few extra kilos. Your health will thank you too.

    – Size doesn’t matter unless you don’t feel comfortable. Learn to love your body, flaws and all.

    – Make it a way of life and not a tedious chore and you’ll see just how easy it can be. Incorporate some moves when you’re cleaning your home. Stretch or whatever… Every little leaves you wanting more.

    – Music! A playlist with your favourite body rocking jams is a total must. It will take the edge off a whole lot.

Am I a health nut? I wouldn’t say that at all. I’m a normal woman who happens to be a wife and mother, bookworm, serial series watcher, cake baking, stew making average gal who took a stand against her lazy bones. Anyone can. It’s also matter of my addictive personality. That’s also why I’d never sample drugs because I’ll get hooked at first sight. I’m that bad.

PS: This is why I blog… The pen is mightier than the sword. Feeling better already and a lot less shouty. πŸ™‚

I’m interested to know what other women do to keep fit and stay healthy…


9 thoughts on “Fit(ish) Mom

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  2. I have just started exercising again – I had a huge slump after my shoulder op last year and the rest period thereafter. The rehab was tough enough. But I do miss Zumba – sadly I can not find a class that can fit into my time schedule


  3. I have been uncomfortable about my weight lately and told myself I need to do something about it. I struggle to stick to a strict diet so now I am decreasing my portions and reducing my carbohydrates intake as I have found that carbs make my sleepy and lazy (weird I know). Another thing I am doing is strength training, I have always believed that strength training leaves you muscular and was surprised to find out that it isn’t true. Taking it a day at a time and loving my aching muscles πŸ™‚

    PS. it helps that my mum at the age of 63 has is into fitness now, so I have no excuse


    • The weird thing about diets is that our bodies seem to go in shock even if we choose healthier alternatives. Once the slump is over (which I hope passes real soon) you’ll start feeling differently.

      I had the same idea about strength training before I incorporated it into my routines. What I have found is that weights don’t have to be heavy. It’s all about repetition.

      Keep loving your aching muscles. I’m sure it loves you too, even if it may just be annoyed with you right now. Ha ha.

      PS: Wow! Your mom is amazeballs.


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  5. Seems I’m catching up on your blogs at the right time! I’ve started an exercise challenge but have not committed to completing it, but I’ve been thinking about going to the gym on/off. I’m not fazed about my weight but I do want to increase my fitness levels just need to find the motivation to commit.


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