Let’s talk opinions

There’s been status updates, hashtag campaigns and blogs about gay marriages for a while now. Last week I asked someone what the rainbow profile pics was about because clearly I don’t want to miss out on a campaign for the greater good. I’m always a bit delayed when it comes to these things. She explained the cause, and just like that I updated my profile pic.

This is what it currently looks like.

If you were expecting rainbows then I’m sorry but I don’t have the app. I’m not even sure if there is an app. Changing my profile pic will not make any difference to the situation. It took a whole lot of selfies and photo editing to get it looking like the one above. 😀 (I hate pictures by the way) That and the fact that I don’t buy into every uprising in our world. Do I agree with gay marriage? That’s something I don’t care to discuss. Believe me I’m not on the fence about it (as with many other things) yet I don’t think that my perspective and opinions matter, especially not on the interwebs where it’s so easy for people to misinterpret my views. I choose not to leave certain topics open to interpretation. Who am I to judge anyway? Also, people tend to hide behind the anonymity of social media. Now that I will give my two cents and I believe it to be cowardice. There’s no way most of those people have the guts to say something harsh to someone’s face.

Yesterday I decided to read a Facebook thread with almost 2k comments and from the very first one I was turned off yet I kept reading. It got real ugly. Some were pro gay marriage and others against it. There was some name calling, character assassinations and some of them were not above bringing peoples moms into the equation. Now that’s when you know things are getting serious. The saddest thing was seeing Christians entertaining these arguments and tearing people to shreds with Bible verses. I hate it when that happens. Even sadder was the reaction it had on non believers. I gasped and wondered yet again what our world is coming to. Where is my kids’ place in this society? Do we have any hope for a bright future for them? Where is the love?

So here’s what I have to say about gay marriages, pollution, racism, addictions, political warfare and a long list of things that gets people all up in arms all the time. Yes, I’m rounding it all up because you know what? We won’t always agree with one another. There is no one sin greater than the other.

    1) It’s easy to give your opinion and tear people up into shreds when you believe that they’re not living by the same moral code as you are.

    2) No one person is better than the next. Self righteousness is a disease.

    3) It’s easy to pass judgement on someone yet we tend to forget our own issues, however insignificant we may think it to be. “I’m only human” seems the obvious way out when it comes to introspection.

    4) Everyone is entitled to an opinion. We may not agree with it, or respect it for that matter, but it’s not worth losing face over someone else’s POV.

    5) Let all you say and do be in love.

With all this said I will be sheltering K3 from social media for a very long time to come. Porn is not the only thing on the interwebs that makes my mother heart squirm.

I’d rather takes pics of my feet. I’ve got pretty decent looking feet. 🙂


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