Scent of a Woman

It’s no secret that I love Keith and we have a good marriage built on solid foundation. It’s also no secret that he is the most infuriating person I know. A fact that’s hard to believe when you meet him in person because he is so cool calm and collected. But I promise you he does drive me insane at times. He is also the one person I trust with my life and the keeper of many of my secrets. My best friend.

This evening, when I went outside into the cold, I put on one of his thick jackets and got a not so faint fragrance of women’s perfume. Definitely not mine. It’s the kind that I steer far away from because it gives me headaches. None of the women who get close enough to him wears this kind of scent either. You know, maybe a family member or close friend who would lean in for a hug. At least I don’t think so. I rushed inside and took it off. Near miss with a possible headache.

He wasn’t home and I went about doing my thing. The more I washed dishes the more I wondered where the scent came from. He’s never given me reason to doubt him or his faithfulness so it was unwarranted. Yet… A little voice in the back of my head nagged “Yes that’s what all wives say” yada, yada, yada. In our marriage, like most marriages out there, we’ve settled into a “nice” and “boring” existence. We have a routine and hardly ever deviate from it.

When I say “nice” and “boring” I don’t mean there’s a lack of sparks. Anything but. We love with more intensity and on purpose. We laugh more and are already picking out stories to tell out grandkids. Boring simply means that we have settled into an easy and mostly uncomplicated life where fights are not worth going to bed angry for, where we’re ok with everything not being some adventure, a life where we’d much rather spend some time home with the kids instead of attending a get together, where taking naps on a Sunday afternoon is somewhat acceptable. By that standards I love boring and the use of the word “nice” is fine with me. Spontaneity and excitement can be overrated at times. I prefer my husband loving me in every moment, whether it’s during the mundane daily activities, as opposed to “date night” love or special occasion love. Boring dish-washing love is our thing for it’s in those moments we share together that I feel the love more than when we’re out watching a movie or having dinner at a restaurant. Although it is great going out as a couple.

While waiting on his return home I remembered the times he has stood up for women, held doors for them, treating them with respect and offering his jacket to women, besides me, on a few occasions. My husband is a gentleman and the type of man I want 1st K to be. Well maybe not completely, but he has a good example of what a man is supposed to be.

And just like that the mystery of the scent of a woman on his jacket is a closed case. Not something I’d bother asking him about but I’m definitely washing that jacket. The smell doesn’t do it for me. FYI my dishes are sparkling and thanks the woman who sent me on a brief cleaning/polishing trip 🙂 I may just ask him when our next date is. I can live with some US time, then again it’s much too cold to be going anywhere now. I told you I’m boring.

Now I’m wondering what odd scent/thing will trigger my memory next and remind me of how blessed I am to be Keith’s wife… Really, sometimes I wonder about myself.


4 thoughts on “Scent of a Woman

  1. You’re so lucky you didn’t lose your shit.Amazing how your thought process works!Unfortunately I am wired to think the worst of my husband always,even though he is an absolute sweetheart. Most days I realise that it’s only due to my past.But other days. Shame. I feel sorry for him.My story would not have ended like yours!:(


    • One day in the near future it will have the same ending Faz. My husband and I know each other for 22 years this year. Grew up in the same hood, were best buddies, fell inlove… Been together for more than half the time so I’d say if I don’t know him by now then I’d have gone off my rocker. Oh I lose my cool a lot hey. Like I said “He’s the most infuriating person I know.”


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