Currently… Finding my voice

It’s been a while since I really visited Blog-Landia and all of the Virtual Media Realm. I’ve spent the better half of the last few weeks being a ghost (writer), doing research and starting a new project. So much so that I’ve lost my voice figuratively and last week literally. Laryngitis is a real pain but I not-so-happily croaked like an adolescent boy when I needed to. And I needed to quite a bit. I’m a mom after all and we have to nag at least once a day even if it’s a whisper nag.

Putting pen to paper is easy when it comes to being a ghost writer. I become someone else entirely and I have lots of fun. Even the boring topic write ups are fun because it creates a challenge. The problem comes in when I’m all consumed with jobs and I lose my own voice. And boy have I lost it. I’ve been ‘sitting’ on drafts and somehow I don’t see ME in any of it. Also I’ve been thinking like a tween and doing plenty of research on the subject for a while. It started out with me seeking help to coping with a tween and quickly my overthinking brain decided to start writing a book for tweens.

In my quest to find my voice again I’ve decided to do this “Currently” post.

Feeling: Excited! My new project is the little book for tween girls and I’m hoping to self publish it digitally in about 3 months. The inspiration comes from a very fragile place of raising a tween girl and finding it D.I.F.F.I.C.U.L.T. Any proof readers out there???

Doing: Spending some time with my mother-by-the-law. Now I know why Keith has such patience with me babbling. She talks A. LOT. πŸ˜€

Listening to: Aretha Franklin. Keith’s flavour of the month.

Feeling thankful for: Love. Life. Health. The latter has been up and down lately because of the flu that just won’t go away but I’m still experiencing good health in spite of it.

Making: Sweets for K3 and totally flopping at it. Actually it’s for me but let’s say it’s for the kids. The one thing I succeeded at was this Homemade Turkish Delight Recipe with compliments from The Cupcake Lawyer.

Freaked out about: My kids phases they’re going through right now. 1st K is slipping into “Angry at the world” phase and Middle K is proving to be a difficult tween.

Anticipating: A positive response to job applications and getting new contracts for work. One of each will be great. I need a regular income stat.

Eating: All the wrong stuff… I just can’t help myself.

Watching: Too much reality tv. Not quite addicted yet, but I haven’t come across a series that tickles my fancy. Shonda Rhimes I am patiently waiting…

Loving: The school holidays. No rushing around in the mornings for a few weeks.

Milestones: I learnt to say NO. I’m a people pleaser and tend to spread myself very thin in order to accommodate others. Only problem is that my NO was in the form of declining a job offer. As current as this morning to be exact. Beggars are not supposed to be choosers they say, but even though I desperately need to get something I also know what is good for me, hence the decline.

What have you been up to?

PS: I’m really in need of a few people (who won’t steal my book idea!) to proof read it for me and provide some honest critique. Anyone interested?


10 thoughts on “Currently… Finding my voice

  1. I hope that you are feeling a bit better. I will be holding thumbs with the job applications. Oih learning to say No is always hard and I hear you about being a people pleaser but sometimes we just have to do what is best for us. good luck with the book and have a great day!

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  2. Good morning – I realised that I commented on the comment thread of someone else, pressed enter before I had finished and couldn’t delete it. I also meant to say “:-) your project sounds exciting and good luck with it. I hope that you feel better” but my fingers can’t seem to function this morning- Thursday morning Blues. Have a great day!


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