Tandem Post: Fairytale


Dear Girls

In your lifetime you’ll hear the “Story of us” more times than you care for and everytime you do, there’ll be two different versions between your dad and I. The more we tell it, the more I wonder if maybe I’ve been getting things slightly twisted along the years and maybe dad’s version is the right one. Then again my memory is much better than his and you’re reading it here too so it must be true.

“Once upon a time in the most beautiful city in the world, Cape Town,an 11yo girl met a 13yo boy and they became friends. They had so much fun together with their group of friends and spent most of their waking moments together.

One day, when they were older, the boy and girl realised that they love each other very much. It was not the same love as they had for their friends but a different, special kind of love. Between the 2 of them you’ll often hear them argue who fell in love first. I still think he fell for her first.

Anyhoo two decades later…

They are blessed with these amazing kids ;)and have a good life. They live, love, learn, play and pray together.  Life may not always be easy or perfect but with their love and friendship they overcome many obstacles that comes their way.

*****The Beginning****”

What I’m really trying to say is that you ought a believe in my version of events. In all seriousness though, life with your dad is better than any fairytale ever written. He’s my knight in shining armour all the time and loves me for who I am, even if I’m not one of the greatest people alive at times. He’s my best friend and also the kindest, most patient, uncomplicated person I know. The type of person I’d like to be when I’m big. He inspires me. Life without him would be no life at all.

Soon you’ll be all grown and you’ll have your own knights. Don’t aspire to Cinderella, Snow White or some Disney type of story. Don’t be too ready to buy into the lies of the world. Nothing is perfect yet  when you meet “The One” it will be a perfect match because it will be the one you prayed for. God does not make mistakes. Lastly (for now), I hope and pray that you find the kind of love your dad and I share or better.

PS: A family that prays together stays together.
PPS: Dad and I will tell you our story together. It something worth listening to “in real life”


Dear readers, thank you for reading this week’s tandem post. Please hop on over to my writers-in-crime to see their Fairytales:
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6 thoughts on “Tandem Post: Fairytale

  1. Your children will love listening to your stories Celeste! My fondest memories as a child is listening to the stories told by my mom and dad of how they met…so special.


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