Winter Outfit Ideas #3


This week I opted for outfit ideas suitable for the office. I’ve never been much of a red fan but I suppose it’s because I never made time to find the ‘right’ shade of red for me. Two winters ago I found a perfect red, in the kiddies section of a store and have been wearing the same red coat since. This year is definitely time for an upgrade. The quality of kids clothes are not that great. I think manufacturers bank on kids growing, so quality is nor a big concern. Then again an upgrade depends on whether I happen to find one that is within my budget. If not then my kiddies one will have to do. I can pull it off for another winter, I think.

The dress in the second ensemble makes me want one in every colour including red. Guess I’m becoming a dress woman after all these years. 🙂  I hate the cold but obviously won’t be wearing a dress to a braai, so it’ll work. Work, church or a night out does not call for dresses anymore but there is just something about wearing a dress and stockings and heels that makes me feel like a lady.

Hope you guys love these style-spirations as much as I do.

Have an awesome weekend.


4 thoughts on “Winter Outfit Ideas #3

  1. There really is nothing quite as ladylike as wearing a dress and heels. I am not a fan of heels but always feel so good about myself when I go through the trouble of wearing them!


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