Tandem Post: Ransom Letter

This is a random letter.

This is a ransom letter.

Some call it a note.

Some would think this line should rhyme with the previous one.

This is where I demand.

This is where you give in.

Did you notice I suck at this rhyming thing?

If you want to see your sanity again...

You've got less than 24 HOURS that still remain.

Here are my demands for you to keep:

1. 8 Hours sleep.

2. A long hot bath.

3. Hot chocolate.

4. Peace and Quiet!

Oh, who the hell am I kidding? I don't have your sanity. It's a runner!



This was part of our weekly Tandem exercise where 3 Bloggers meets, 1 Topic, meets creativity.

You can catch the rest of the trio down below on their own sites.



PS: Should you ever want to send a ransom letter, you don’t have to cut and paste the old fashioned way. There’s this really cool site The Ransomizer that allows you to either type or paste your text and ransomize it as I’ve done above.

PPS: Hoping that you don’t send out ransom letters to anyone.


4 thoughts on “Tandem Post: Ransom Letter

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