Mompreneur: Jasmine Face Painting

Since Little K’s last birthday, back in February, she’s been planning her next birthday party. And her next, and next, up until her crown birthday which will only be when she’s twenty seven. There will be ice cream cake and Keith has to bake Barbie cupcakes for that event too. “I hope you’re reading Keith, coz you’ve got less than twenty one years to practice.”

Kids come up with all these ideas and we (I’m sure I’m not the only one here) as parents want to make their parties as special as possible. Life is fast paced and even though we have amazing ideas of our own, it’s not always viable to make it happen without getting a third party involved. You know… Time and running around from one place to another.

Although I have plenty of time to plan Little K’s next birthday party, I have thought of some ideas. Or rather had some imprinted in my brain. We seem to be planning her parties on a regular basis. Even though I don’t know for sure who the flavour of the month (Dora/Frozen/Barbie etc) will be next time around, what I do know for sure is what the party favors will look like.

A while ago I came across Mompreneur Jasmine who makes the cutest party boxes/packs/buckets as well as offer facepainting services. Jasmine started her business 18 years ago when a parent at school asked for her assistance on a site. She then decided to try her own hand at it and soon it became a hobby turned to a business. Since then it’s been lots of hard work to earn her reputation. Her passion is what keeps her going.

Jasmine is a single mom to her handsome 13yo son and the income generated with her business supplements her salary as a full time employee. She is based in the Southern Suburbs in Cape Town and does deliveries to certain areas.

Before you think she only caters for girls, here are a few of the boys images.

Cool, don’t you think? Her contact details for for more information and orders are:
082 8312839

Any guesses who I’ll be calling for party favors for Little K’s next birthday party…


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