The Power of Hello

A while ago I reblogged A Simple Hello originally posted by Storyshucker because it is a brilliant post (as are the others on the blog) and it served as a reminder that all relationships start with a greeting. Whether it’s Hello, Hallo, Sawubona, Molo, Bonjour or Hola (thanx Dora the Explorer!) the result is usually the same. An opening to a new relationship or acquaintance.

When Little K started school this year I didn’t quite fit in with the rest of the moms. I didn’t do the school run half dressed in my pj’s (still don’t mind you). Instead I’ll be washed and dressed for the day. Most mornings I have time to put on some earrings, apply a bit of gloss. I’m not supermom but I get up real early and stay up so I have enough time to do chores and many other things before I dash off to school. Planning plays a big role in my life so I can’t go wrong most times unless Murphy decides to visit and everything goes haywire. Murphy and its stupid laws!

I’m very much a morning person and I think that somewhere along the lines some moms who obviously don’t know me got the wrong impression. I don’t exactly fit the SAHM image or whatever, because which mom in her right mind makes so much effort just to drop kids at school. What doesn’t help either is the fact that people find me unapproachable at times. Ok, most of the time. I’m a typical book judged by it’s cover. Most of the people I’ve come to know, have at one point told me how I’m nothing like they expected and that I’m actually very nice. Don’t worry I’m not about to start a “Please Like Celeste” campaign. In fact I will advise anyone reading to not ever call me nice. There are too many descriptive words in the dictionary that can be used to describe me than that lazy word nice. Neither am I complaining or trying to make you like me. What I will say is that I’m quite lovely and not in the “Once-You-Get-To-Know-Me” kind of way. Just had to put it out there πŸ˜€

So there’s a few moms who have not warmed to me in the sense that I’d greet them but they won’t greet me back. I mean seriously! That’s not on and just plain rude. I’m always in my own world (you know, physically present but my mind is talking to my imaginary friends – book characters) but I continue greeting them unless they avoid eye contact or my face as a whole. Yes I’m that perceptive in my haze. Being me I’d forget all about it the following day and so the cycle continues. Until today…

As we walked through the school gates in the pouring rain I smiled brightly with one of those moms and she greeted. My umbrella is as huge as a gazebo and I covered the both of us and just like that we started talking. A very short conversation until we reached our kids classrooms but we spoke. I probably shouldn’t say what we spoke about but I’ll do it anyways because I’m random like that. Also to show you the weird things women talk about at times even on a first meeting. Of all the things we could talk of we spoke about Bra’s and our mutual hate for it. Well I hate talking about the weather and without knowing this she started the small talk and steered the conversation to Bra’s. I must tell you that she has a really beautiful smile too, just in case you think that I didn’t have time to notice anything else besides cups sizes and the odd nipple that may or may not have been tossed into the discussion.

It can be said that small things amuses small minds (or Celeste) but that just made my day. Obviously not the topic, but the breakthrough. I’m not naΓ―ve to wish that everyone likes me because that’ll never happen. I’m not going to analyze the situation or her and wonder what made today different. I am laughing though because my silly mind is saying “Yeah, no wonder it’s raining today.” *surpressing that voice* “It’s winter, obviously it’s raining!”

Today I was reminded that a simple Hello really does go a long way. It can lead to so much in life. New relationships, restore old ones, restore peoples faith in humanity. You don’t know everyones story or situation. Not every Hello needs to be followed with a conversation but think of it as a smile. Smiles can brighten anyones day. We all need each other at some point of our lives and it’s so much easier to reach out to someone once the ice has been broken.

Right now I’m wondering what that woman’s name is because we didn’t get as far as introductions. I’m really hoping that I do remember it when we get to that point. I’m truly bad with names and Bra lady is what she’ll be remembered as in the meantime.

What was the funniest first conversation you had with someone?


7 thoughts on “The Power of Hello

  1. Haha I loved this post. I also get that a lot and often joke that I must have resting b!tch face because people always tell me I’m actually really nice and they never thought I would be…

    Bra lady… that makes me wonder if there’s anyone out there calling me by some random name. I’m going to guess it’s “nose ring girl” lol



  2. I know the feeling. Like you most people think I am unapproachable or a bitch and then think the opposite once they get to meet me. I have learnt not to judge a book by its cover. Have a great day!


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