Winter Outfit Ideas

Every year, since Pinterest, I consult various pins for style inspiration for the girls and I. My dress sense is of the minimalist nature and I opt for comfort instead keeping up with the season fashions. Although I must admit that I do buy into some fashionable items and trends. Wouldn’t want to be caught looking like my kids gran instead of their mom.

Finding the balance between looking (sort of) hip and not all together like a youngster, if you know what I mean, is kind of a big deal to me. Middle K is a pre teen so I can’t be walking around in fashions that is more suited for her than me. She wouldn’t allow me to in any case.

With all this in mind, I’ve got some ideas and will be mixing and matching what I do have and supplementing my wardrobe with the items I don’t. These are some of the pins I’ve sourced from Pinterest.

Hope you like this first installment of my little style segment.


3 thoughts on “Winter Outfit Ideas

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