#CTMeetUp Goody Bag

A few months ago when I officially joined the SA Blogging community, I was wowed by all the awesome people (yes YOU and YOU and not forgetting YOU :D) around. Thanks to Curious Robyn for creating the FB group.

Admittedly I don’t always get around to reading everyone’s posts everyday, you know life and stuff happens, but I do make a point on catching up every so often. Experiences, laughs, POV’s, troubles, tips, rants, advice and plenty more is shared. This is also where I met one of my Tandem Blog partners and we have a jolly good time every week thinking like there is no box.

A few weeks ago it was the #CTMeetup and I was unable to attend. Again life and stuff. K3 keep me extremely busy and their activities are booked months in advance. I swear my kids have much more of a life than I do. Viz. Middle K has a music event (she’s in a band) on 16 June which was planned in January already! My diary is filled with mostly their activities. Craziness but it’s how things roll in Jonkersville. No rest for the wicked.

I’m certain I missed out on a great event organized by Cindyand hopefully I’ll be able to attend the next one and meet the Cape Town Bloggers in real life. Today however, after a 4 hour long meeting, I received an email from Cindy informing me that I am the winner of the #CTMeetUp Goody Bag. How cool is that? I love Mondays but being stuck in an office around a table is not the most enjoyable of occasions so imagine how my mood was lifted afterwards. It’s been a while since I won something so you can imagine the smile I still have on my face.

Here is what I will be receiving shortly and why I can’t wait.

Thank you so much Cindy 🙂 Another big thank you to everyone who takes the time out to stop by at virtual Chez Jonkersville.

For some more awesome blogs, check out the blogs I follow.


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