The Air We Breath

This past week, if I didn’t know any better, I would’ve thought that baby no.4 was letting me know of its existence. My appetite disappeared and I hurled like it was going out of fashion. I’m a morning sickness pregnancy type of gal.

The slight headache I had whole week wasn’t cause for concern. The sinus attack didn’t bother me much either because it’s autumn and, well it’s supposed to be normal what with four seasons in one week (sometimes one day) in Cape Town. By Thursday morning when the nausea hit with a vengeance paired with terrible abdominal cramps and I couldn’t get out of bed much less lift my head from my pillow with a high fever, I knew this must some stupid cold/flu or something.

Paranoia gave me the will to get up and go to the doctor. An acquaintance of “Keith” passed away Monday morning. What they thought was flu turned out to be double pneumonia and he died less than 24 hours after the diagnosis. Guys, I still have plenty to do and my kids still need their mom so I must do my bit and take care of my health. Trust me, my gp is not my favourite person in the world but I do see him when OTC meds won’t do the trick. Lately even more so because my immune system is just not playing along with me right now. It seems like if it’s in the air, I’m bound to get it.

I spent the better part of the past 48 hours in bed with a viral infection that got the better of me. Almost. There’s no rest for the wicked and that includes moms. Even though I was offered a sick note, I doubt my 6yo old boss would accept it. I also have plenty of obligations as a business woman so I can’t really afford days off right now. Much to my delight, the doc did say that I’d get over the worst of it within 2 days and it most certainly is true. Still have a few days worth of antibiotics to finish but I’m much better.

About this virus. It’s some respiratory sinus/flu virus and can affect your chest and gastro intestinal system too. I won’t really say it’s contagious but it’s viral so if you’ve got it, chances are anyone can get it.

Symptoms are:

Runny nose
Post Nasal Drip
Headaches (that can go from mild to sever in two ticks)
Stomach cramps

If you’re experiencing two or more of these symptoms then go seek medical attention fast. Unlike most viral infections that can be cleared with OTC meds, you actually need an antibiotic.

Things that helped me through:

Plenty of bed rest
Liquids (it’s important to stay hydrated)
Steaming with tea tree oil (I’m used to steaming with this and it works for me but I’d suggest you first consult with your gp before doing this)
Ginger tea/Rooibos with a dash of lemon
A name change that does not rhyme with MOMMY
More rest

Now to go check on 1st K because it seems as though he might be in the running for the sickest person in the household now.


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