Winter Washing Woes



The weeks are flying by and before you know it Winter will be upon us. Fortunately we still have some great weather in Cape Town so doing washing and getting it dry is not too much of a problem yet. To WAHM like me it won’t be that much of a problem doing washing because there are some dry wintery days and I will be able to get it sorted. For working moms it’s a bit difficult unless you have a tumble dryer, Dri Buddi, Spindel or a mom who will see that your washing is sorted. Thank God for moms like that.

I have a mom who will see to my washing, that’s IF I was a working mom, but hey I’m home so I that’s not going to happen. The fact that I am home does not mean that I’ll have time to run out to take washing from the line when a sudden shower starts and then hang it back out when it stops. That’s just crazy. Although I’ve been doing that crazy thing for years on weekends when I still worked. A girls got to do what a girls got to do.

I am among the many people who don’t own a tumble dryer. It’s a matter of I never felt the need to own one, I have zero space to accommodate it and because electricity usage is one of the biggest savings per month. Many who do own tumble dryers only use it when it’s absolutely necessary because it does use a lot of electricity. With loadshedding and everyone trying to do their bit to save on electricity (I should hope) it’s not a viable option for me and my family.

Then there is the Dri Buddi. My biggest problem with the Dri Buddi is “As seen on tv”. I’ve grown very suspicious of those products as I’ve been a sucker one too many times before. I like referrals and because it saves me a lot of money. Who doesn’t like to pinch a penny? My friends who bought into the idea hates it and advised me not to invest. I’ve heard some good reviews on it as well but you know, my thing against “As seen on TV” products (yep I have to reiterate how much I despise those words and don’t buy into it anymore). My cupboards are filled with many of these which did not meet the expectation that was created. All except for my mini Twister. I simply cannot live without it.

So what am I on about besides rambling about washing? I’d like to show you what I came across the other day. It’s the specialist laundry dryer Spindel. It’s been the Fair Lady consumer finalist in 2013 and 2014. If it made it to Fair Lady then it must be good right?

A few people have given me some great reviews on it and as you’ll see below (info I’ve taken from their website) I am definitely sold on the idea. Wish list item number 1.

How does it work?

Simply load the wet laundry, turn the switch on and watch the water pour through the spout. The stainless steel inner drum accelerates up to 2 800 revolutions per minute, extracting the majority of the residual moisture without damaging even the most delicate fabrics.

After the 3 minute cycle is complete you can:

Air dry your laundry in a fraction of the time,
Iron certain fabrics immediately (i.e. fabrics with synthetic fibre), or
Run a significantly shorter cycle in the tumble dryer to save energy and reduce heat damage.

Don’t know about any of you but time is of utmost importance to me and more often than not a dealbreaker. With a 3 minute cycle I’ve already worked out that it will take a whole 9 minutes for me to complete a full load (13kg). I’m already imagining filling my washing machine, getting some work done, spending 15 minutes (allowing extra minutes to fill and remove clothing from Spindel) while sipping some coffee and catching up on some blog reading, then getting back to work. How cool is that?

Hmmm… Now to set some money aside and buy one.

Can’t wait for my new toy.

Please let me know if any of you own a Spindel and if it’s as good as I think it is. I’m sold but welcome all comments and reviews.


10 thoughts on “Winter Washing Woes

  1. We actually loved our DriBuddy. Served us well for many years till it packed up. We’re going to be getting another one soon because I need dry clothes in winter and we just can’t afford a tumble dryer right now.


  2. I’m also very interested in the the Spindel, and will need to do some focused saving for it – if life would stop getting in the way. The dri buddi only works for underwear and lighter clothes. It was very helpful in getting baby clothes dry, ours not so much.


  3. I’m one of those people who continues to hang the washing out when it starts to rain, and then leave it out for days until the rain stops and the sun comes out to dry OR my mom gets fed-up and takes it off the line and hangs it inside under our fan over night.


    • Can’t take those chances over here hey. I’d end up with smelly clothes, heavily fragranced in galley smoke. I have no idea whyyyyy my next door neighbour started with this galley nonsense about 2 years ago but hey, if it keeps him warm…

      Hahaha… Thank God for Moms. Gotta love them.

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

      PS: Can’t wait for tomorrows tandem post.


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