Testing 1… 2

I’ve been struggling for a while to add images to my posts using the WordPress for Blackberry App. Everytime I add media and click ‘post’ I receive an “Error 301” code. My first instinct was to Google and see what’s the haps. Apparently the WordPress for Blackberry App no longer supports that function. What a bummer because I think through my fingers and what better way to blog?

Not one to give up that easily, I would add images to my media library on WordPress via my tablet then create a new post and save it as a draft. I then go back to my Blackberry App, ‘write’ the post and Bob’s my uncle.

I loathe touch screens and only use the tab for Pinterest, E-reading and on occasion Facebook and Twitter. Even though Blackberry is soooo 2000-and-late, I still prefer it as my primary point of contact for just about everything. Data gets a bit expensive for the amount of stuff I do on the interwebs.

Today I went back onto WordPress because I wanted to see what the “Post by email” was all about. For those who are not aware, you can email posts to your blog by enabling that feature on your account.

Anyhoo, this is my first email post to test whether or not it works, adds media and in which order, to check if tags are added, and also to see if I managed to get my category sorted as well.

Let’s see if I’m smarter than a 5th Grader and if I can follow instructions. I must say that in real life I happen to think I am smarter and grasp things very quickly. In WordPress life I’m definitely not.

So here goes. Testing 1… 2

The first image is sponsored by Littlest K and it’s her hand-representation of our family.

The second image is 1st K’s Whatsapp profile pic.

Third image is a little gift idea I got from Pinterest that I would like to get for Middle K since she’ll be going through a different phase in her life real soon. My shattered nerves!

What other WordPress tips and tricks do you know of?


5 thoughts on “Testing 1… 2

  1. I’m still getting the hang of this WordPress thing. Strangly, I have found the Windows app to be better than Android by a long shot. With Telkom being what it is I have been struggling to post via computer. Tried tablet (Android) and “sukkeled” all the way with adding media. My little big Lumia did the trick. The interface mirrors that of the webpage. Onward in navigation, I guess…


    • You don’t have to tell me anything aabout Telkom either hey. I have that same problem hence the BB. Do you have the android WP app? That usually does the trick. Let me know what exactly your probs is and I can run you through it. As for Lumia and all other touch screens, I run a mile… And then some. Takes me forever to get something typed hey. I get so mad at the mere fact that my BB is touch and type! I often delete things by accident or touch something I didn’t mean to touch. He he…

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