Tandem Blog Experiment…

I’ve been enjoying a tandem series since Dave Luis and Mandy Collins started out. Then there were three when Brett Fish arrived on the scene and now they’re 9! Minus Mandy this time around. Sadness.

Their time slot has changed and as I checked my inbox last night during a social gathering (very rude of me, but I’m a recovering mobile addict and it takes time) I saw the posts but couldn’t read it at the time. I genuinely felt like kids feel about afternoon naps… Like I’d be missing out on something. Mind you I still feel that way about naps.

Last night’s quick tweet:

“@Celeste_Jonkers: I feel like I’ve double booked events X a million because I can’t check out the tandem series now. @TaineMcLean @BrettFishA @cathjenkin”

Extremely rude at that stage (mobile usage!). Few replies from all mentioned and I returned to my social gathering. Guys I’ll get there. I promise. Brett Fish post Pearls Before Thought gave me some food for thought and made me much more aware of my mobile usage. Be warned that you may just get so engrossed and before you know it you’ll be clicking from post to post and forget you actually have stuff to do in real life.

Anyhoo, since I’m a writer and I enjoy exercising my writing bone, I’ve approached ChevsLife and The_Deal_Is to do a collab and start our own little tandem experiment. A few topics dropped in a hat later, our first topic was picked by an independent auditor. Littlest K. Today is our launch date and as aspiring published authors, we have thought this month would be a good month to start. MAY the force be with us.

To our email subscribers, you should be receiving and email at about 1pm-2pm every Thursday for the duration of this month. To everyone else reading this (who have yet to subscribe), you might just like to check it out too. But in case you forget, I will be tweeting, and facebooking because I happen to think we’re awesome. At least ChevsLife and The_Deal_Is are πŸ™‚

Super stoked about our first topic and can’t wait to see the others POV.

I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we will as we’re thinking like there is no box with our topics.


12 thoughts on “Tandem Blog Experiment…

  1. Thousand likes Celeste!! I also used my last bit of battery to read the 9 Tandem Blogs last night during load shedding after returning home from a presentation! Sorry for the time confusion lol, but my brain is challenged when it comes to working out times. Can’t wait to read your blogs, Oh and thanks for clearing up THEIDEALIS name – I’ve been trying to figure it out since day one Shelley! Now I know it is “THE IDEA IS” – sometimes I just crack myself up!!

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  2. Yes!!!! Yes!!! Yes!!!
    I have been wanting more and more people to join the tandem process, but with 9 in our group right now I wonder how many more we can fit into that – there are already 3 waiting in the wings.
    I am so pleased your team has kicked off their own tandem series!

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