Please Sir Can I Have Some More

“Nul per mouth!” Those are the three words swirling through my mind as I lay and wait for my ‘procedure’ to be performed. I’m hungry and thirsty. A drop of water would be nice.

“No!” NICE is not a nice word! I’d hate for someone to ever describe me as nice. More thoughts swirling into my mind.

“As much as medical technology has advanced, why have they not put more effort into that minor yet important detail?” Overthinking much?

I’m anxious, in pain and just really want them to slaughter my hand already so I may be painfree. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome sucks. *Fact not thought*

“Welcome to the butchers!” My surgeon exclaims. *sense of humour definitely not nsync with his right now*

“Might laugh tomorrow.” THOUGHTS! Sick of it.

Then the man I will love forever comes to put me out of this emotional turmoil and mental mysery. THE ANEATHETIST! God bless Aneathetists and their potions.

Then down comes the mask and he smiles while talking me to sleep. “This is taking too long,” I tell him (yes I’m a google doctor I know these things). My mind blocks him as a whole new set of anxieties fill my mind.

Eventually Dr. Jonkers PHD (Google) tells man she’ll love forever…

“Please Sir, Can I Have Some More?”

And then the lights go out…

Hope you enjoyed the post 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Please Sir Can I Have Some More

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  2. Dr. Google, now you bring back memories … mom, holding child’s hand as he goes under with a smile on his face. A very scary feeling. Glad that your op went well 🙂


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