A Simple Hello

HELLO readers

A five letter word that can hold so much promise and open many doors. It is also a word that’s universally understood no matter what language you speak. Yet I find that a simple HELLO is the most difficult word to say at times. It really does escape me and I won’t delve in and seek answers. At least not today. What I will do is encourage you to read this post I’ve reblogged (not because I’m being a lazy blogger this morning, I actually have lots to say as always).

A simple HELLO or even a smile can make someones day and cheer them up. You never know what the next person is going through.

As a lover of random acts of kindness, I encourage you to use your HELLO’s as randaom acts of kindness today.

I hope you enjoy this piece as much as I did.


The evening commute home was a scramble as people rushed and crushed onto the train fighting for a place to sit or stand.  A last-minute couple pushed through the door dropping tourist maps in their haste. Forced by the crowd to split up, the man went one way and the woman another.

The woman sat down in the last vacant seat next to where I stood and began to refold maps. Beside her sat a well-dressed business woman who appeared to read something work-related even after a day at the office. The two glanced briefly at each other, said nothing, and went back to their tasks of reading and map folding.

Things calmed as the train doors shut and people settled into seats or places to stand. As we waited for the train to depart, only the rustling of newspapers or the occasional ring of a cell phone could be heard…

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