Mompreneurs: Introducing Treatmesweetlie

Growing up I was never much of a girly girl but motherhood has changed that. Especially being the mom of 2 very special girls. Stores are filled with the cutest clothing and accessories so I humour them with fairy outfits and frilly dresses (although Middle K -the preteen- has outgrown that phase). Ok well maybe I humour myself more than them because they have their own dress sense which resembles my tomboy phase. What I have noticed is their love of personalised and unique items. Yet another of my attributes. It is for this reason that I support mompreneurs who design and make their own creations. I love it so much that I decided to promote those mom’s here because I happen to think they’re rad.

My first mompreneur is Radhia from Treatmesweetlie.

A bit of background on Radhia and how she came up with the idea:

Meeting her little princess helped her to find her passion – motherhood. She now loves anything and everything that is baby or child related. She’s always loved pretty things, and, rather naturally, loves finding pretty things for her little girl. 

After struggling to find pretty pacifier clips in SA, she created Treatmesweetlie Handmade Leather Braided Pacifier Clips. The colour choices makes it perfect for your little one or as a gift to a fellow Mama or Mama-to-be. They may also be used as a teether or toy clip. Because it is handmade, they can be custom made to the length you require, making it easy to attach your little ones favourite toy. 

Pacifier Clips

Pacifier Clips

Read more about the clips on her blog post Treatmesweetlie Pacifier Giveaway.

You may ontact Radhia at for more information. 

She can also be found at

I hope you’ve clicked on the link because there is a giveaway in store… And who doesn’t like a giveaway.

Have you clicked yet?


3 thoughts on “Mompreneurs: Introducing Treatmesweetlie

  1. Those clips are so aweseom. I remember when Kai was a baby, I received one of these clips as a gift and it has a soft cuddly light blue teddy on it. We were so devastated when we lost it!


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