Tribute to my sister

Mommy tattoos

Mommy tattoos

It’s official. You’re a mom now! No more counting down months, weeks, days and sleepies. Your precious angels are “Real Life” angels now, and more perfect than you could’ve ever imagined. My kids will no longer be the cutest kids to you anymore because you’ll have the most precious ones in the world even if they’re ugly (which they won’t because we have good genes but just in case *tongue in cheek*). Trust me, after our discussion about ugly kids this morning, you’ll discover it’s a mom thing. *wink wink*

Just like that you’ve been initiated into the motherhood gang and we are a fierce bunch. We take no prisoners and we love hard. You’re a tiger who has earned her stripes! No amount of pregnancy and parenting books can prepare you for what’s to come because it’s an experience and only life can teach us the important lessons.

A few wise words from your sis, besides the “Enjoy your babies” that you’ve been getting from EVERYONE. In no specific order:

Motherhood is one of the best experiences ever, but it can make you lose your marbles at times.

The most ‘put-together’ mom sucks at many things, so don’t even try to aspire to what you think a mom should be like. I’m sure even Kate Middleton sucks as a mother sometimes and when she’s all dressed and looking pretty, it’s for publicity. I don’t for one minute think she’s got it down to pat. Unless you wanna be like me. I’m a kinda cool mom don’t you think?

Trading them in for newer models will sometimes be tempting… Unfortunately that’s not allowed in SA yet at this stage. But since you’re a lady of the law, check out those bills, I may have missed it and could do with some trade ins 🙂

Sometimes you’ll want to through in the towel… Don’t! It’s twins which means THAT much more washing!

Sometimes you’ll want to cry especially when babies are crying and you’ve tried all you think you can and they won’t stop… Go on and cry with them. Cry a river, build a bridge and get over it. But cry… It helps.

Hear people out when they give you advice, but it’s your choice to refuse to follow certain ones (or most of it actually). It’s your kids and it’s your life.

Enjoy them… And this is my meaning of that phrase… Life is about moments. You’ve shared so many moments in your nephew and nieces lives and that’s what enjoyment is about. It makes life so special for both parents and kids.

I’ve got so much more to say but I’ll tell you in real life coz I mean really now… You JUST gave birth and I NEED to meet my nephews!!!!


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